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EASA Part 66 Image Banks (B1&B2)

EASA Part 66 Image Banks (B1&B2)

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  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
  • Edition: Current Editions

Image banks are a collection of projectable and printable .jpg images from each ATB B1.1 and B2 module. (Cat-A1 instructors should use the B1.1 image bank.) These images may be incorporated within your Powerpoint presentations, used for quizzes, handouts, or any other instructional purposes.

Each image bank set is organized per module/submodule, using its figure number from the book as identification. Every drawing, photo, and chart within each module is included. Image banks are delivered as a web link. A single acquisition may be shared among all instructors within your campus.

Image banks are FREE for schools who regularly provide ATB modules for students; (meaning your school has purchased 10 or more sets within the past 12 months.) If this is you, or if your 147 program is new or now changing to ATB modules, please write to orders@actechbooks.com or call +1 970-726-5111.

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