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Fuel Tank Safety

Fuel Tank Safety

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  • Publisher: infoWERK
  • Time: +/- 8 hours

Fuel Tank Safety
Course Preview

The Fuel Tank Safety Level 1 Training is a multimedia-based training solution for Maintenance Personnel as required by EASA and other authorities. The familiarization course (Level 1) is designed for Management and personnel not being directly involved in maintenance work, such as storekeepers, quality assurance etc. The attendants learn typical terms, the basic elements of the fuel tank safety issues including the required description of the historical background and all elements with safety relationship. The fuel tank safety training covers the following topics to level 1:

  • TWA 800 Accident initiating Fuel Tank Safety Concerns
  • Theoretical background SFAR 88 JAA TGL47
  • Explosion of mixtures of Fuel and Air Aviation Turbine Fuel Types Behavior of fuel-air mixtures
  • Inspection work
  • Bonding schemes
  • Fuel tank safety in maintenance
  • Flammability Reduction
  • Maintenance organization improvements

About the Course:
This course is online self-paced study produced by InfoWERK of Innsbruck Austria. It is based on EASA regulations as derived from ICAO standards and thus equally applicable to FAA and all other major national authorities.

This course is built into short 1-2 minute segments including animations, video and complete narration. Stage exams provide a refresher and confirmation of the key points. A menu bar provides easy navigation between topics. The average time spent to follow and complete this course is 8 hours. The course ends with a final exam which when passed, provides a printable certificate of completion in your name.

Your enrollment in the course lasts for 1 year from the date of purchase. There is no limit to the number of times during that year that you can return to complete and refresh the course.

IA Renewal Credit
This course (FAA ALC-1152) qualifies for 8 hours of IA Renewal Credit. If you hold Inspection Authorization (IA), this course serves as the entirety of your annual continued training requirements. Upon your successful completion, ATB will authorize this credit through FAA and a printable IA certificate of accomplishment will be made available at www.FAAsafety.gov.

FAAST AMT Award Points:
In addition, this course qualifies for 8 FAA FAAST AMT Award Points, which will be issued upon your successful completion. To receive this award, you must have an account with FAAST. If you are not yet a FAAST member, your free registration can be found at www.faasafety.gov/login/reg/register.aspx

For Training Managers:
Self paced training is a great option for your continued and recurrent needs. It is economical, efficient, and allows your team to proceed on their own or during their down times, thus without the need to pull them away from the job. Contact us to discuss ways to integrate this method into your training programs.

  • TWA 800 - The accident initiating fuel tank safety concerns
Training Requirements
  • Training objectives
  • Level 1 familiarization training
  • Level 2 detailed training
  • Legal basis
  • The theoretical background of fuel tank safety
  • TWA 800
  • Ignition prevention
  • Ignition source prevention
  • Accident board findings
  • SFAR 88 - FAA's response of the fuel tank safety
  • FAA expectations
  • JAA expectations
Aviation Turbine Fuel Types
  • Jet fuel
  • Kerosene
  • Flash point
  • Volatility
  • Vapor lock
  • Fuel viscosity
  • Thermal energy
  • Aviation fuel additives
  • Fuel handling
  • Refuelling - Ignition sources
  • Refuelling - static electricity prevention
  • Refuelling - procedures
  • Defuelling
Behaviors Of Mixtures Of Fuel And Air
  • Auto ignition
  • Precluding ignition sources
  • Behavior for fuel/air mixtures
  • Flammability range
Inspection Work
  • Tank inspections
  • Fuel tank preparations
  • Fuel tank crew entry
  • Emergency situations
  • Hazard management
  • Procedures
Flammability Reduction And Nitrogen Gas Systems
  • Fuel tank inerting
  • Ullage washing
  • Fuel scrubbing
Maintenance Organisation Improvements
  • Manufacturer documentation
  • CDCCL Critical Design Control Configuration Limitations
  • Maintenance documentation
  • Supporting documents

This course is an interactive multimedia presentation developed by infoWERK. You are purchasing a license to use this course for a period of (1) one year. During this time you may use and review the course from any internet-connected device by logging in with the username and password which will be auto-generated when you complete your purchase.

After your purchase of this infoWERK multimedia course, you will receive (3) three emails. The first will be your order receipt with the subject line "Thank you for your order" which contains your order details. The second (2) two emails will be from infoWERK; one with your username and a link to the course, the second with your password (these are sent separately for security). Each of these emails will occur within moments of completing your order, if you do not find these email messages, first check your spam folder. Please keep these emails in a safe place for your future reference.

When you first open the course you will notice a menu icon on the bottom left of the browser screen. This menu will allow you to quickly navigate to any chapter of the presentation at any time. However, we strongly recommend proceeding with each topic in the order presented.

A certificate of accomplishment becomes available to download upon completion of the course and passing the final exam. The course becomes complete upon completing all content and passing each chapter exam.

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