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School Services

For A&P and EASA Schools

School Discounts and Distribution

Significant discounts are offered to MTOs and bookstores that purchase books for distribution to students.

Direct to Student Program (DTS)

For schools who prefer their students to order their books directly, we offer a customized online bookstore option in your name with your required books sets featured on the front page for easy access for your students. This ensures your students a simple one-stop shopping experience, that they receive the correct books in their current edition, and as typically with free shipping and no sales tax, at the best price. To see an example of a school's DTS page, click here: DTS Sample Page

Paper Books or eBooks

All ATB titles are available in paper and eBook formats. (EASA Cat-A1 modules are available in eBook only.)

Digital Choices:

Most eBooks are offered through Safeguard Viewer by LockLizard. Safeguard is an updated reader platform similar too, and with all features of Adobe Digital Editions, but with improved stability and easier to use. Students are authorized on up to 6 devices of any type and usable either on or off-line. For distribution to students, schools and/or bookstores are provided with licensing codes, each of which authorizes that student to download that book or complete set of books to cover your entire program.

For schools wishing to integrate their student's books with an LMS system (allowing you to monitor student's study time among other things), ATB ebooks are also available through Redshelf, Vital Source, and Creative Technology Solutions (CTS). These services provide ebook compatibly directly through most LMS systems including Blackboard, Canvas, Moodle, Equella, and others.

Image Banks For Instructors

Instructors who regularly teach with our A&P or EASA textbooks are offered free electronic image banks for each volume (module). Image banks are collections of every photograph, drawing, and chart in that particular book; and are perfect for creating your classroom presentations, handouts, assignments, quizzes, and similar training purposes.

Additional Services For EASA schools

ATBs Part 66 modules have been approved for Part 147 schools by over 30 CAAs and MAAs throughout Europe and around the world. Whether you are a new school seeking a first approval or an existing school wanting to upgrade your notes, we welcome your exploration of this easy and economic option.

Appendix 1 Compliance

All ATB Part 66 modules are prepared and organized topic by topic exactly as required by Part-66, Appendix 1, to the specified levels and in the exact sequence prescribed.

Revision Service

All ATB Part-66 Modules are constantly under review regarding regulatory changes, new technologies, and better ways to explain the required topics. Thus to ensure your students and faculty are always with the latest editions, a free two-year revision service is offered to students B1/2 modules and for one year for Cat-A modules. Instructors receive free revisions for as long as your school is teaching with our books. Should updates occur during this period, the complete new eBook edition is sent to all subscribers.

Examination Question Banks

In addition to the module textbooks, ATB offers secured and fully compliant examination question banks for Category A1, B1.1, and B2, with all questions written specifically from the content of our books. Each QDB includes 4x multiples of MCQ and EQ questions for each submodule section as per French/Swiss OSAC/FOCA standards. Question banks are made available only to approved MTOs with user agreements, CAA or MAA consent, and standard protection procedures outlined in your MTOE. Please write or call for more details.