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Frequently Asked Questions

How to install, activate your license, & open protected PDF files.
Visit this support page explaining the process with detailed instructions and videos to get you up and running quickly.

Do I need to be online in order to view my eBook?
Yes, for the first initial opening of your Secure eBook file, you will need to be online so your license can be updated to the corresponding file. You do not need to be online to open and read your eBook once your license has been activated.

Which viewer software do I download for my device?
This depends on the type of device you are using. If you have a Mac computer choose the macOS option and if its an Android, the Android option is what you would want to select. You have 6 download attempts per product link using the emailed receipt or you can transfer the file after downloading between computers using file sharing. Each device you download or transfer your secure eBook to needs to have the viewer installed and the license activated. An internet connection will be required to license your device.

Can I put my eBook(s) on more than one device?
Yes, you have up to 6 downloads per eBook link and 6 licenses to be able to open and view your eBook file on different devices. Each device will need to have internet access to activate your license for each of the specific devices.

No more licenses?
If you get the error message ‘no more licenses are available’ when registering your license then that means all your available licenses are currently registered. To free up a license, uninstall the Keystore from a device and select the ‘Remove Keystore’ option in the uninstall dialog. This should free up the license registration automatically so it can be used on another device.

Where is my License and Viewer email?
Please check your spam folder for LICENSING@ACTECHBOOKS.COM if you do not see it in your inbox. Since there are attachments in the email, your email provider may think this is spam. If you do not see it in either folder, please contact us so we may resend.

Where are my download links located?
The order confirmation page at time of checkout provides your download links, and the order receipt also contains your download link(s) for the item(s) purchased. The product name will be a blue link color next to the image, this is your download link; once clicked it will start the download immediately.

How do I install the license and view the secure eBook (.pdc) file?
You will receive an email from licensing@actechbooks.com containing your eBook license file (Your_Name.llv). Download this file for initial first time use and backup purposes.
  • Download your eBook(s) from the order confirmation page, or from the receipt sent to the email provided at time of checkout.
  • Install the Viewer for your specific operating system. Supported operating systems include: Windows, macOS, Android, iOS.
  • Activate Your License (Your_Name.llv) that was sent to you from licensing@actechbooks.com (You will need to be online for the first authorization)
  • You are now ready to start using your eBook(s). Note: If you ordered more than one eBook, the license only needs to be run once. If you switch devices, run the install procedure again for that operating system. You are allowed to register the eBook(s) on 6 different devices.

What if I have trouble downloading and using my eBook(s)?
If you have trouble at any step of the way, do not hesitate to write or call for help. Emails to techsupport@actechbooks.com are answered 7 days a week. Phone calls to our knowledgeable and friendly staff are answered Monday-Friday 8:00-4:00 US Mountain time. Almost always they will quickly resolve your problems and get you using your eBook. In the very rare case they can not, a full refund will be offered.

Can I access the files remotely, in a terminal server, or Citrix environment?
No, Safeguard Viewer is not allowed to run in a terminal server or Citrix environment. The software (Safe Guard Viewer) and license ("Your_Name.llv" file) must be installed on the device in use, they cannot be installed on a device and accessed remotely using a second device.