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Human Factors For Aircraft Maintenance

Human Factors For Aircraft Maintenance

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  • ISBN: 9781951275471
  • Author: InfoWerk
  • Time: +/- 2.75 hours

Human Factors For Aircraft Maintenance
Course Preview

After your purchase of this InfoWerk multimedia course, you will receive 2 emails from ATB, the first being Thank You For Your Order, and the second being your InfoWerk login credentials. Each of these emails will occur within moments of completing your order. If you do not find them within minutes, check your email spam file.

Please note that InfoWerk has an expiration of 1 year from the date of purchase. There is no limit to the number of times during that year that you can return to complete and refresh the course.

Multimedia presentations from InfoWerk are extremely complete covering all aspects of each topic in great detail. A menu bar provides easy navigation between topics. Stage exams with each chapter provide a refresher and confirmation of the key points.

This course is a multimedia alternative to Module 9 for Part 66 B1 and B2 licenses. Rather than a book or ebook, this online alternative offers an interactive presentation of approximately 7 hours including graphics, animations, and audio narration built into multiple 1-2 minute segments.

Experts generally agree that 80% of aviation incidents and accidents are results of human errors. Human Factors training which is universally required for aviation maintenance personnel, is designed to reduce these errors.

The multimedia-based training offered with this course is based on the Human Factors concepts prescribed by both EASA and the FAA Airman Certification Standards covers all human factors topics as are relevant to line and base aircraft maintenance including human behavior, individual and team interactions, physiological and environmental factors, workplace safety, incident reporting and much more.

General Introduction to Human Factors
  • Need to address human factors
  • Statistics
  • Incidents
Safety Culture
  • Organizational factors
  • National culture
  • Cultures in aviation
  • Promoting safety
  • Characteristics of safety culture
  • Safety culture ladder
Human Error
  • Error models and theories
  • Types of errors in maintenance tasks
  • Violations
  • Implications of errors
  • Avoiding and managing errors
  • Human reliability
Human Performance & Limitations
  • Vision
  • Hearing
  • Information-processing
  • Attention and perception
  • Situational awareness
  • Memory
  • Claustrophobia and physical access
  • Motivation
  • Fitness/Health
  • Stress
  • Workload management
  • Fatigue
  • Alcohol, medication, drugs
  • Physical work
  • Repetitive tasks/complacency
  • Peer pressure
  • Stressors
  • Time pressure and deadlines
  • Workload
  • Shift Work
  • Noise and fumes
  • Illumination
  • Climate and temperature
  • Motion and vibration
  • Complex systems
  • Hazards in the workplace
  • Lack of manpower
  • Distractions and interruptions
Procedures, Information, Tools and Practices
  • Visual inspection
  • Work logging and recording
  • Procedure-practice, mismatch, norms
  • Technical documentation
  • Error capturing methods
  • Shift/Task handover
  • Dissemination of information
  • Cultural differences
  • Responsibility
  • Management, supervision and leadership
  • Decision making
Professionalism and Integrity
  • Keeping up to date, currency
  • Error provoking behavior
  • Assertiveness
Organization’s HF Program
  • Reporting errors
  • Disciplinary policy
  • Error investigation
  • Action to address problems
  • Feedback

This course is an interactive multimedia presentation developed by InfoWerk. You are purchasing a license to use this course for a period of (1) one year. During this time you may use and review the course from any internet-connected device by logging in with the Username and Password which will be auto-generated when you complete your purchase.

After your purchase of this InfoWerk multimedia course, you will receive (3) three emails. The first will be your order receipt with the subject line "Thank You For Your Order" which contains your order details. The second (2) two emails will be from InfoWerk; one with your user name and a link to the course, the second with your password (these are sent seperately for security). Each of these emails will occur within moments of completing your order, if you do not find these email messages, first check your SPAM folder. Please keep these emails in a safe place for your future reference.

When you first open the course you will notice a Menu Icon on the bottom left of the browser screen. This menu will allow you to quickly navigate to any chapter of the presentation at any time. However, we strongly recommend proceeding with each topic in the order presented.

A certificate of accomplishment becomes available to download upon completion of the course and passing the final exam. The course becomes complete upon completing all content and passing each chapter exam.

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