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Boeing 777 200ER General Familiarization Online

Boeing 777 200ER General Familiarization Online

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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9781951275396
  • Publisher: AeroEd
  • Author: Steve Oebermann
  • Pages: 3252
  • Look Inside: View
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Note: Those wishing to enroll in the course must purchase both a set of manuals and the certification course. The certification course is purchased separately from the manuals.


This General Familiarization manual is an overview of the Boeing 777-200ER aircraft with P&W 4000 and GE-90 engines as outlined in the systems description section of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual. It is both an economical and efficient tool for new hires within base and line operations, for periodic review, and for interview preparation by those seeking employment.

AeroEd manuals and self-paced courses provide a technical overview of each system, including component location, operation, and maintenance needs, plus all cockpit and remote interfaces based on ATA 100 format and ATA 104 Level requirements.

Sections Covered Include:

  • ATA 06 - General Overview
  • ATA 21 - Air Conditioning, Pressurization, Cooling
  • ATA 24 - Electrical Power Systems
  • ATA 26 - Fire and Smoke Protection Systems
  • ATA 27 - Flight Control Systems
  • ATA 28 - Fuel Systems
  • ATA 29 - Hydraulic Systems
  • ATA 30 - De-icing and Rain Protection Systems
  • ATA 32 - Landing Gear, Wheels and Brakes, Steering
  • ATA 35 - Crew and Cabin Oxygen
  • ATA 36 - Pneumatic Control Systems
  • ATA 38 - Water and Waste Systems
  • ATA 49 - Auxiliary Power Systems
  • ATA 52 - Passenger and Cargo Doors
  • ATA 71-80 - Engine Systems


Certification packages are purchased through Aircraft Technical Book Company and conducted by AeroEd. The package includes instructor guidance plus a series of chapter exams and a final exam given by email. An AeroEd instructor is available to answer questions or explain any system which you find unclear. Chapter tests may be taken on your schedule as you feel you are ready for each. There is no time limit between chapter tests or prior to the final exam

Upon completion of course, you will be able to:

  • Identify safety precautions related to the airframe, its systems, and powerplant.
  • Identify maintenance practices important to the airframe, its systems, and powerplant.
  • Define the layout of each of the aircraft’s major systems.
  • Define the layout and characteristics of the powerplant.
  • Identify special tooling and test equipment used with the aircraft.

Upon enrolling, your name and authorization will be submitted to AeroEd. Your AeroEd instructor will contact you by email within one business day to introduce himself and get you started.

Upon completion (passing of the final exam), a certificate will be issued by AeroEd along with 40 AMT Awards Points given through the FAA FAAST program.

For any questions about the manuals or the AeroEd certification package, please call 1.970.726.5111 or email techsupport@actechbooks.com

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