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Best of AMT Magazine - eBook

Best of AMT Magazine - eBook

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  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
  • Author: AMT Magazine
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    • Type: Unsecure eBook (PDF)
    • Printing: Yes; Unlimited
    • Copy/Paste: Allowed
    • Offline Access: Yes
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    • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

AMT Magazine is a leading publication for A&P mechanics and technicians to keep up with trends and new concepts regarding aircraft service and maintenance.

Best of AMT Magazine - This three-part compilation is a reproduction of over 200 key articles which have previously appeared in AMT Magazine in the categories of Airframe and Accessories, Powerplants, and Legal and Professional topics. Each article is multi-page fully illustrated, clear, concise, and remains extremely relevant to the profession of aviation maintenance.

This is an incredible record of knowledge passed on over many years and which should never be lost.

Just a few of the topics in each section include:

  • Airframe
    composite machining
    corrosion detection methods
    window care and repair
    pitot/static testing
    engine driven fuel pumps
    hydraulic maintenance
    keeping corrosion at bay
    pneumatic system maintenance
    lead acid battery service tips
    eddy current basics

  • Powerplants
    magneto maintenance
    ring leakage vs. oil color
    fuel nozzle maintenance
    Continental fuel injectors
    cold weather operations
    engine overhaul options
    PW100 hot section inspection
    fuel injection basics
    prop strikes
    options for cylinder break-in

  • Legal & Professional Issues
    quality control
    airline maintenance scheduling
    out of work?
    the perils of electric tools
    finding hard to find parts
    OSHA police
    military surplus parts
    where there's smoke there's poison gas
    owner performed maintenance
    you want a field approval?
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