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Airbus A330 - General Familiarization

Airbus A330 - General Familiarization

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  • Publisher: Trans Global Training
  • Time: self paced +/- 30 hours

General Familiarization
Course Preview (Not Actual Course)

This General Familiarization course is an overview of the Airbus A-330 with RR Trent, CF6 and P&W 4000 engines as outlined in the Systems Description section of the Aircraft Maintenance Manual. It is a great tool for the training of new AMTs in base and line operations, for review, and for interview preparation by those seeking employment.

This self-paced course provides a complete technical overview of each system, including component location, operation, maintenance needs, plus all cockpit and remote interfaces. Click below on "Detailed Course Description" for a full Table of Contents.

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Identify safety precautions related to the airframe, its systems and powerplant.
  • Identify maintenance practices important to the airframe, it’s systems and powerplant.
  • Define the general layout of the aircraft’s major systems.
  • Define the general layout and characteristics of the powerplant.
  • Identify special tooling and test equipment used with the aircraft.

Trans Global Training General Familiarization courses are produced to ATA 104 and EASA Part 66 Level 1 knowledge levels. Each is a powerpoint type presentations divided into ATA sections. A chapter quiz following each section allows you to proceed to the next. A final exam concludes the course and upon your success produced a serial numbered certificate with your name.

On average, the course duration is 40 hours, however, this will vary based on your own study schedule. From the time you begin, you will have 1 year to complete the course.

Trans Global Training courses scale perfectly to any PC, laptop, tablet, Android, or iPhone. An internet connection is required during its use.

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive 2 emails; The first from ATB will be your receipt. The second from Trans Global Training will be your login credentials. If these do not appear within moments of placing your order. Please check your spam files.

FAA/FAAST Recognition:
Completing this course qualifies you for 30 FAA FAAST AMT Award Points, which will be awarded once you pass the final exam. To receive this award, you must have an account with FAAST. If you are not yet a FAAST member, your free registration can be found at www.faasafety.gov/login/reg/register.aspx

For Training Managers:
Self-paced training is a great option for your continued and recurrent needs. It is economical, efficient, and allows your team to proceed on their own or during their “down times”, thus without the need to pull them away from the job. Contact us to discuss ways to integrate this method into your training programs.

  • ATA 00 - Documentation
  • ATA 01 - Aircraft General
  • ATA 05 - Scheduled/Unscheduled Maintenance
  • ATA 06 - Dimensions/Areas
  • ATA 07 - Lifting, Shoring, Recovering, and Transporting
  • ATA 08 - Leveling and Weighing
ATA 09 - Handling and Maneuvering
  • Towing, Landing Gear Downlock Safety Pins, Taxiing, Turning Radius, Hazard Areas, Engine lntake and Exhaust Hazard Areas, Parking, Mooring, Storing, and Return to Service, Covers and Plugs, Exterior Plugs, Grounding, Landing Gear Grounding Studs.
ATA 11 - Placards and Markings
  • External Placards and Markings, lnterior Placards.
ATA 12 - Servicing
  • Servicing Panels and Doors, Ground Support Equipment Placement.
ATA 21 - Air Conditioning
  • Control System, Air Conditioning Pack, Recirculation Air Distribution System, Trim Air, Temperature Control System, Cabin Air Distribution, Heating, Flight Crew Floor Heating, Galley Heating System, Equipment Cooling Overview, Air lnlet Cooling System, Air Extraction System, Backup Exhaust System, Cabin Pressure Control System, Controls and lndications, Controls, lndications.
ATA 22 - Autoflight
  • Flight Guidance, Autopilot, Autoland, Autothrottle, Controls and lndications, Flight Control Panel, Primary Displays.
ATA 23 - Communication
  • Communication Management, Tuning and Controls, Radio Management System, Audio lntegrating System, Voice Communication, VHF and HF Systems, Data Communication, Selective Calling System, Airborne Data link System, Flight Deck Printer, Cockpit Voice Recorder, Static Discharging.
ATA 24 - Electrical Power
  • Electrical Power Generation, AC Power Generation, DC Power Generation, Power Distribution System, Emergency Electrical Generation, Ram Air Turbine, Controls and lndications, Electrical Panels, Electrical Service Panel, Electrical Synoptic Page, Circuit Breaker Application, Special Tools, Safety.
ATA 25 - Equipment and Furnishings
  • Flight Deck, Passenger Cabin, Galleys, Lavatories, Emergency Equipment, Emergency Locator Transmitter, Escape Slides.
ATA 26 - Fire Protection
  • Fire Detection Areas, Fire Extinguishing Areas, FIDEX Control Unit, Engine Fire Detection and Extinguishing, APU Fire Detection and Extinguishing, Main Wheel Well Overheat Detection, Avionics and Electrical Bay Smoke Detection, Cargo Smoke Detection and Fire Extinguishing, Lavatory Smoke Detection and Fire Extinguishing, Portable Fire Extinguishers.
ATA 27 - Flight Controls
  • Fly-By-Wire, Electronic Flight Controls, Sidestick Controllers, Primary Flight Control Panel, Flight Controls lndications, Electronic Flight Control System, Normal Mode, Alternate Flight Control Unit Direct Mode, Electronic Flight Control System Surface Actuation, Non-Electronic Flight Control, High Lift Systems and Control, Lift System Architecture.
ATA 28 - Fuel System
  • Fuel Quantity Computer, Fuel Storage, Vent System, Refuel/Defuel System, Refuelling, Defueling, Engine Fuel Feed, APU Fuel Feed, Fuel Transfer System, Fuel Controls and lndications, Safety.
ATA 29 – Hydraulic Power
  • Green, Yellow & Blue Systems, Reservoirs, Engine Driven Pumps, Electric Pumps, Power Transfer Unit, Fire Shut-Off Valves, Ram Air Turbine, Component Locations, Maintenance/Test Facilities.
ATA 30- Ice & Rain Protection
  • Ice Detection System, Wing Anti-lce System, Cowl Anti-lce System, Probe Heat System, Windshield and Side Window Heating System, Windshield Wiper System, Controls and lndications.
ATA 31 - Indicating and Recording Systems
  • Instruments and Control Panels, Controls and lndications, AFDX, lntegrated Avionics Processing, Electronic Flight Instrument System, Engine Indication and Crew Alerting System, Controls and Indications, Flight Data Recorder.
ATA 32 - Landing Gear
  • Extension and Retraction, Uplock Actuators, landing Gear Indicating System, Wheels and Brakes, Nosewheel Steering System, Controls and Indications, Flight Deck Controls, External Controls, Indications.
ATA 33 - Lighting System
  • Flight Deck Lighting, General Cabin lights, Emergency Lighting, Emergency Power Units, Controls and lndications, Exterior lights, Cargo Compartment lights, Service and Maintenance lighting.
ATA 34 - Navigation
  • Air Data System, lnertial Reference System, Standby Flight Instruments, Standby Compass, Navigation Tuning, Autotuning, VHF Navigation System, Instrument Landing System and Marker Beacon, Distance Measuring Equipment System, Global Navigation Satellite System, Radio Altimeter System, Weather Radar System, Terrain Awareness and Warning System, Traffic Surveillance System, Flight Management System.
ATA 35 - Oxygen
  • Crew Oxygen, Passenger Oxygen, Portable Oxygen.
ATA 36 - Pneumatic
  • lntegrated Air Management System, Pneumatics, Bleed Air Sources, Engine Bleed Air, APU Bleed Air, High-Pressure Ground Connection, Bleed Air Leak and Overheat Detection System, Controls and Indications.
ATA 38 - Water and Waste
  • Potable Water System, Gray Water Drains, Vacuum Waste System, Controls and Indications.
ATA 44 - Cabin Systems
  • Cabin Management System, Aircraft Systems, Cabin and Passenger Functions, Onboard Communication, Emergency Evacuation System, ln-flight Entertainment and Connectivity.
ATA 45 - Central Maintenance System
  • A330 Series Maintenance Philosophy, Onboard Maintenance System, Onboard Diagnostics, Aircraft Condition Monitoring, Configuration and Reporting.
ATA 46 - Information System
  • Information Management System, Aircraft Health Management, Aircraft Network Architecture.
ATA 47 - Fuel Tank Inerting System
  • Fuel Tank lnerting System, System Generation, Distribution.
ATA 49 - Airborne Auxiliary Power
  • APU Construction, General Description, Power Section, Load Compressor Section, Accessory Gearbox, Installation, APU Oil System, APU Fuel System, APU Starting and lgnition, APU Air System, Controls and lndications, EICAS and Status Pages.
ATA 50 - Cargo Compartments
  • Forward Cargo Compartment, Aft Cargo Compartment, Compartment Nets.
ATA 51 - Structures
  • Aircraft Structure Repair Publication, Standard Practices, Clean-up, and Aerodynamic Smoothness, Damage Assessment, Permitted Damage, Repairable Damage, Composite Damage Assessment.
ATA 52 - Passenger and Service Doors
  • Overwing Emergency Exit Doors, Cargo Compartment Doors, Equipment Bay Doors, Remote Access System, Controls and lndications.
ATA 71 - Powerplant
  • Powerplant Introduction, Powerplant Installation, Modular Concept, FADEC, Engine Interface, Vibration Monitoring Unit, Engine Fuel System, Oil System, Cooling and Sealing System, Compressor Airflow Control System, Ignition and Starting System, Thrust Reverser System, Control and Indicating, Maintenance/Test Facilities, Lubricants and Fuels, Storage and Preservation.

This course is an interactive General Familiarization developed by Trans Global Training. You are purchasing a license to use this course for a period of (1) one year. During this time you may use and review the course from any internet-connected device by logging in with the username and password which will be auto-generated when you complete your purchase.

Shortly after your purchase, you will receive 2 emails; The first from ATB will be your receipt. The second from Trans Global Training will be your login credentials. If these do not appear within moments of placing your order, please check your spam folder. Please keep these emails in a safe place for future reference.


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