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ACS-8083 Supplement - CD

ACS-8083 Supplement - CD

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  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Company
  • Author: FAA

As a part of FAA's transition from the PTS (Practical Test Standards) to the ACS (Airman's Certification Standards), in addition to the H-8083 General, Airframe, and Powerplant Handbooks, AC43.13, and FARs for AMTs (a standard student book set), the below Advisory Circulars and FAA Handbooks are now cited as sources of information from which A&P examination questions will be taken.

While the majority of questions will continue to be derived from the standard book set content within these additional documents are now included. And so, to cover all bases, we urge you to consider adding this supplement to your standard student set.

Included with this supplement:

  • ACS G1 & S1
  • AC 20.35: Tiedown Sense
  • AC 25.1455-1: Waste Water Drain Systems
  • AC 25.11: Electronic Flight Displays
  • AC 43.9: Maintenance Records
  • AC 43.215: Procedures for Magnetic Compass Calibrations
  • AC 45.2: Identification and Registration Markings
  • AC 60.28: FAA English Language Standard
  • AC 120-39 : Hazards of Waste Water Accumulation
  • AC 150/5210-20: Ground Operations / Taxiing and Towing of Aircraft
  • H-8083-1: Aircraft Weight and Balance Handbook
  • H-8083-2: Risk Management Handbook
  • H-8083-25: Pilot's Handbook of Aeronautical Knowledge
  • POH/AFM: Pilot's Operating Handbook *


* As a POH is listed in the ACS as a source for questions, and because the specific POH will be of the actual aircraft used during the oral and practical exams, a sample POH for a C172R is included for a student's general familiarization.

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