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2024 Test Guides Set of 3 - eBooks
2024 Test Guides Set of 3 - eBooks
2024 Test Guides Set of 3 - eBooks 1
2024 Test Guides Set of 3 - eBooks 2
2024 Test Guides Set of 3 - eBooks 3

2024 Test Guides Set of 3 - eBooks

SKU 0009-ATB-E
Average rating:
average rating 86%
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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9781951275822
  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
  • Edition: 2024
  • Pages: 889
  • Look Inside: View
  • eBook Specifications

    • Type: Unsecure eBook (PDF)
    • Printing: Yes; Unlimited
    • Copy/Paste: Allowed
    • Offline Access: Yes
    • Search: Yes
    • Bookmarks: Yes
    • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Test Guides are a great help to your learning experience. They are an excellent way to review the material learned in the classroom and/or from the various textbooks. ATB Test Guides include sample test questions along with answers, detailed explanations, and page references to that topic in the 8083-B General, Airframe, and Powerplant Handbooks. Use them to verify your knowledge of each topic and to prepare for the FAA exams.

In addition to the multiple choice written questions, ATB Test Guides also include practice oral questions including their recommended answers, and sample practical projects you will be asked to perform. The current Airmen’s Certification Standards (ACS) reference is also included in each ATB Test Guide.

A Better Test Guide

  • ATB Test Guides are formatted to match the FAA H-8083 (30, 31, and 32)-B Handbooks which are the actual source of all FAA exam questions. Each Handbook chapter is matched to a Test Guide chapter. Page by page references for each question’s topic in the Handbook are given.

  • ATB Test Guides provide answers and explanations on the opposite page side. This paces them out of sight as you consider the question, so providing a better study experience.

  • ATB Test Guides are formatted with an uncluttered page layout, and so offering a more relaxing learning experience.

  • ATB Test Guide ebooks are offered as simple .pdf files and so not requiring any type of secured reader. All .pdf functions such as bookmarking, highlighting, note taking and printing are readily available.

Changes for 2024

  • The goal of a Test Guide is to provide questions just a little bit more difficult than the actual FAA exam. Our annual question analysis based on Skyprep results helps identify questions not meeting those standards. Approximately 200 questions were revised or replaced in 2024 to better meet that standard.

  • New questions have been added to cover new topics now in the 8083-B editions.

  • ACS reference codes replaced the now obsolete AMG,AMA, and AMP codes.

What is SkyPrep?
Skyprep is an online version of the Test Guide, allowing you to practice questions in the same way as with your actual FAA exams. Choose random questions, questions of a specific topic, or take a simulated timed FAA exam. It is the perfect supplement to the Test Guide to prepare for your final exams. See about Skyprep HERE.

How To Get And Use Your Unsecure eBook

An Unsecured eBook is a standard PDF viewable by any PDF reader application. In the event you don't have a default PDF reader, visit https://get.adobe.com/reader to get a FREE PDF reader. Unsecured PDFs have no restrictions and may be used on any device that supports PDFs.

Average rating:
average rating 86%
3 reviews

Featured positive reviews:

average rating 80%
Airframe powerplant prep pdf boks 04/11/2022
By Carlos Carlos E Rodriguez
Good books. Extensive amount of questions to test your mastery and comprehension of the materials in the 8083 book.
Yes. You have to read the 8083 and study. The prep books will then help cement the concepts and help you find your weak areas. But you must read the books first and then use the prep to fine tune.

Found some minor spelling typos but not an issue.

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