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Dash 8 Q400 General Familiarization

Dash 8 Q400 General Familiarization

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  • Publisher: InfoWerk
  • Author: Infowerk
  • Time: 15 hours

Dash 8 Q400 General Familiarization
Course Preview

After your purchase of this InfoWerk multimedia course, you will receive 2 emails from ATB, the first being Thank You For Your Order, and the second being your InfoWerk login credentials. Each of these emails will occur within moments of completing your order. If you do not find them within minutes, check your email spam file.

Please note that InfoWerk has an expiration of 1 year from the date of purchase. There is no limit to the number of times during that year that you can return to complete and refresh the course.

Multimedia presentations from InfoWerk are extremely complete covering all aspects of each topic in great detail. A menu bar provides easy navigation between topics. Stage exams with each chapter provide a refresher and confirmation of the key points.

General Familiarization is an overview of a specific model aircraft. They are great tools for review, new hires, prerequisite training, and preparations for systems level classes. These self-study courses are an economical approach benefiting students, technicians, instructors, MRO training departments, and airline maintenance departments alike.

This in-depth course covering the Bombardier Dash 8 Q-400 with P&W 150A engines provides a detailed description, including component location, operation, maintenance needs and cockpit interface of each covered system. While meeting the academic standards of EASA type training (when taught by an approved Part 147 maintenance training organization), for use in non-EASA countries, perhaps it is better referred to as Enhanced GenFam.

The +/- 15 hour program presents each of the topics below at the required familiarization levels for maintenance personnel including the extensive use of graphics, animations, and audio narration in built into multiple short 1-2 minute segments.

FAA/FAAST Recognition:
Completing this course qualifies you for 15 FAA FAAST AMT Award Points, which will be awarded once you pass the final exam. To receive this award, you must have an account with FAAST. If you are not yet a FAAST member, your free registration can be found at www.faasafety.gov/login/reg/register.aspx

  • ATA 04 - Aircraft General
  • ATA 06 - Dimensions and Areas
  • ATA 07 - Lifting and Shoring
  • ATA 08 - Leveling and Weighing
  • ATA 09 - Towing and Taxiing
  • ATA 10 - Parking and Mooring
  • ATA 11 - Placards and Markings
  • ATA 12 - Servicing
  • ATA 21 - Air Conditioning
  • ATA 22- Auto Flight
  • ATA 23 - Communication
  • ATA 24 - Electrical Power
  • ATA 25 - Equipment/Furnishings
  • ATA 26 - Fire Protection
  • ATA 27 - Flight Controls
  • ATA 28 - Fuel
  • ATA 29 - Hydraulic Power
  • ATA 30 - Ice and Rain Protection
  • ATA 31- Indicating and Recording
  • ATA 32 - Landing Gear
  • ATA 33 - Lights
  • ATA 34 - Navigation
  • ATA 35 - Oxygen
  • ATA 36 - Pneumatics
  • ATA 38 - Water and Waste
  • ATA 45 - Central Maintenance System
  • ATA 49 - Auxiliary Power Unit
  • ATA 52 - Doors
  • ATA 53 - Fuselage
  • ATA 54 - Nacelles
  • ATA 55 - Stabilizer
  • ATA 56 - Windows
  • ATA 57 - Wings
  • ATA 61- Propeller
  • ATA 71 - Powerplant
  • ATA 72 - Engine
  • ATA 73 - Engine Fuel System and Control
  • ATA 74 - Engine Ignition System
  • ATA 75 - Air System
  • ATA 76 - Engine Controls
  • ATA 77 - Engine Indicating
  • ATA 78 - Engine Exhaust
  • ATA 79 - Engine Oil
  • ATA 80 - Engine Starting System

This course is an interactive multimedia presentation developed by InfoWerk. You are purchasing a license to use this course for a period of (1) one year. During this time you may use and review the course from any internet-connected device by logging in with the Username and Password which will be auto-generated when you complete your purchase.

After your purchase of this InfoWerk multimedia course, you will receive (3) three emails. The first will be your order receipt with the subject line "Thank You For Your Order" which contains your order details. The second (2) two emails will be from InfoWerk; one with your user name and a link to the course, the second with your password (these are sent seperately for security). Each of these emails will occur within moments of completing your order, if you do not find these email messages, first check your SPAM folder. Please keep these emails in a safe place for your future reference.

When you first open the course you will notice a Menu Icon on the bottom left of the browser screen. This menu will allow you to quickly navigate to any chapter of the presentation at any time. However, we strongly recommend proceeding with each topic in the order presented.

A certificate of accomplishment becomes available to download upon completion of the course and passing the final exam. The course becomes complete upon completing all content and passing each chapter exam.

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