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8083-32B Powerplant Handbook - eBook

8083-32B Powerplant Handbook - eBook

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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9781951275785
  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
  • Author: FAA
  • Edition: H-8083-32B
  • Pages: 510
  • Look Inside: View
  • eBook Specifications

    • Type: Unsecure eBook (PDF)
    • Printing: Yes; Unlimited
    • Copy/Paste: Allowed
    • Offline Access: Yes
    • Search: Yes
    • Bookmarks: Yes
    • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

H-8083-32B Powerplant Handbook is the official source of knowledge for the A&P technician which will be tested by FAA within the Powerplant written and oral exams. In addition, this book is of the most up to date, highest quality with exceptional drawings and diagrams, and most economical option available.

ATB’s reviewed and corrected edition:
However, while FAA did a terrific job with the development of this Handbook, many technical errors were made. (for example, MS fittings are color coded green, not blue). In these ATB editions, errors of this type have been identified and corrected. And so no more instances in your training when the instructor’s presentation does not agree with the book. A complete log of all corrections can be found on page v of each volume or may be requested separately at orders@actechbooks.com.

The core chapter/topics include:

  • Aircraft Engine Construction and Performance
  • Fuel and Fuel Metering Systems
  • Induction and Exhaust Systems
  • Ignition and Electrical Systems
  • Engine Starting Systems
  • Lubrication and Cooling Systems
  • Propellers
  • Engine Removal and Replacement
  • Fire Protection Systems
  • Maintenance and Operation
  • Light Sport Aircraft Engines
  • Glossary and Index

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To Instructors: Aircraft Technical Book Company offers full instructors support for this Handbook set (General, Airframe and Powerplant); including matching Workbooks and Test Guides for students and free image banks for instructors who teach with this series.

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