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Engine Overhaul Continental O-200 - eVideo

Engine Overhaul Continental O-200 - eVideo

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Product Features

  • Author: Skyward Tech, Inc
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FTSFDGGZoCg

A detailed demonstration of the re-assembly process of the overhaul of a Continental O-200 engine.

De-mystify the overhaul procedures on the Continental O-200 engine. This video begins with a dismantled engine assuming all parts are either new or to factory tolerances. It presents a highly detailed step by step demonstration of the complete reassembly procedure from mounting the crankshaft, assembling the case, installing the camshaft, cylinders, pistons, valve train, accessory case, and all sub-assemblies. Whether you are an A&P powerplant student, a homebuilder, or a seasoned pro wanting a refresher look, this video, produced by a division of Mattituck engines will show not just the procedure, but dozens of hints and tips by the most esteemed overhaulers in the business.

Some of the items covered include:
  • Mounting crankshaft on a column.
  • Installing silk thread gasket to case halves.
  • Installing bearing inserts and tappets.
  • Installing O-rings.
  • Installing and aligning front main bearing.
  • Seating crankshaft gear.
  • Assemble and install connecting rods.
  • Joining case halves.
  • Install main bearing.
  • Measuring clearance for oil slinger.
  • Install engine through bolts.
  • installing idler shaft.
  • Positioning gears with timing marks.
  • Install tachometer drive shaft.
  • Install oil pump assembly.
  • Install fuel pump push rod.
  • Align and install accessory housing and gasket.
  • Install oil sump.
  • Install pre-pump oil screen.
  • Install oil filter adapter.
  • Install verna-therm valve.
  • Install vacuum pump adapter.
  • Install oil pressure relief valve.
  • Install dip stick housing.
  • Painting engine.
  • Install piston rings.
  • Install pistons and wrist pins.
  • Mount cylinders.
  • Install drain tubes.
  • Install fuel pump.
  • Install starter gear.
  • Installing and timing magnetos.
  • Install plugs, starter and primer leads.
  • Install valve train including tappets, pushrod tubes, springs, valves, pushrods, rocker arms, bushings, rocker pins, and use of a go/no-go guage.

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