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Care and Lubrication of Lycoming Engines - eVideo

Care and Lubrication of Lycoming Engines - eVideo

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Product Features

  • Author: Aeroshell & Lycoming
  • Time: 30 minutes
  • Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d4uR3pm4Z_c
  • Look Inside: View

Care and Lubrication of your New or Overhauled Lycoming Engine will help pilots get the longest life and best performance from your engine and will help maintenance personnel understand the first few critical hours of operation along with the care and inspections, temperature limits, and oil types that must be used to insure long life, both during the engine break-in process and afterword.

Topics include:

  • Installation
    make your mark at 180 degrees
    baffles and seals
    oil coolers, hoses, and lines

  • Startup and Break-in
    publications and procedures
    the test run
    using the correct oil
    oil consumption

  • Maintenance and Normal Operations
    seven major functions of oil
    air-oil separators
    oil specs
    importance of oil changes
    leaning and temperature management

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