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Piloting with Confidence

Piloting with Confidence

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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9780974811703
  • Author: James Spudich
  • Pages: 134
  • Look Inside: View

Piloting with Confidence - Charts, Checklists, Systems & Cockpit Tips is devoted to making you a safer pilot. Mostly featuring those airplane systems that you thoroughly check before takeoff and while you are in flight - how do those systems work, what can go wrong, why do you check them? In addition the book is filled with excellent pointers to make you a better, more organized, safer pilot.

From the Back Cover:
Charts, Checklists, Systems & Cockpit Tips describes examples of charts and checklists that every careful pilot should be using during all phases of flight. This book emphasizes the importance pf creating your own charts and checklists which particularly suit your individual needs. Making use of your computer and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is emphasized throughout the book.

Checklists and charts included are:

  • Your personal written checklist.
  • Your personal progress of flight chart.
  • RPM or MP settings and associated descent rates.
  • V-speeds and performance specifications.
  • Load shedding in the event of alternator failure.

Included also are:
  • Descriptions of airplane systems and why you check the items you do.
  • Methods for easily checking your weight and balance before every flight.
  • Getting started with the use of GPS equipment.
  • Mastering and remembering all the diverse rules and regulations.

Book Preface:
Organization in the cockpit is essential to safe flying. A good pilot is never finished improving his or her organizational skills. The point of this book is to instill into young pilots' minds the importance of generating their own charts, checklists and other helpful aids that reflect their own personal needs and habits. Examples of such charts, checklists and cockpit tips that I have generated for myself over the last thirty years of flying are illustrated in this book.

I find the charts and checklists that I describe invaluable for every flight that I take. I love flying in the West, and scattered throughout the book are selected photographs from various trips. These are a reminder of how spectacular and magical flying can be.

While a major point of this book is to stimulate you to create your personal charts and checklists, you may find mine useful as basic templates. The more you indulge in this activity, the more confidence you will have as a pilot and the safer you will be. And the safer you are, the happier you and your passengers will be.

In the process of creating checklists, you should constantly be asking why you are checking the things that you do. That is, be sure that you understand the airplane systems. The second chapter emphasizes this and gives brief descriptions of a variety of systems in your airplane.

Additional chapters include methods for easily checking your weight and balance before every flight, getting started with the use of GPS equipment, and mastering and remembering the diverse rules and regulations associated with flying. Making use of your computer and Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) is emphasized throughout the book.

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