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Wood Aircraft Construction - eVideo

Wood Aircraft Construction - eVideo

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Product Features

  • Publisher: Homebuilt Help
  • Time: 70

A video guide for helping to understand the basics of building experimental aircraft made of wood.

Learn the basics of wood construction for experimental aircraft. If you have wondered what skills and equipment is necessary to build an aircraft from wood, this DVD provides a great introduction.

Designed for the beginner in wood aircraft construction, with explanations and demonstrations of working with and selecting the proper wood stock required for aircraft building.

The video chapters in the first section of this DVD include the following chapter titles:
  • Wood Species
  • Grading Wood
  • Glues and Gluing
  • Wood Laminating
  • Aircraft Plywood

The knowledgeable instructor demonstrates basic wood aircraft construction using modern techniques and materials but with basic tools that can be found in most home workshops. The pros and cons of using wood as an aircraft material are discussed. The photos on this page are from the actual video presentation on the DVD. The goal of this DVD is to allow the beginner to help decide if wood aircraft construction is something that is viable and provides the "next step" in the process of getting started in this exciting venture of aircraft construction.

The second section of the DVD provides a presentation from one of the most well known wood aircraft kit producers: Loehle Aircraft. Loehle produces a wide variety of affordable, easy to build wood aircraft kits for beginners and advance builders alike. This video presentation is the perfect complement to the construction techniques discussion on the first part of the DVD, as it allows the novice builder to see the possibilities for wood construction in the wonderful collection of aircraft that Loehle has produced over the years. Both building and flying demonstrations are provided in this section. While a builder can create an aircraft from either plans or from a ready to assemble kit - this Loehle Aircraft video presentation allows the viewer to appreciate the benefits of building from a kit.

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