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Advanced Composite Techniques - eBook

Advanced Composite Techniques - eBook

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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9780964282841
  • Publisher: Aeronaut Press
  • Author: Zeke Smith
  • Pages: 376
  • eBook Specifications

    • Type: Secure eBook (PDF)
    • Printing: Not Allowed
    • Copy/Paste: Not Allowed
    • Offline Access: Yes
    • Search: Yes
    • Bookmarks: Yes
    • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Lightweight moldless techniques for the aircraft homebuilder.

This is a teaching how-to-do-it book for the amateur aircraft home builder who wishes to learn how to use light weight, high performances, composite materials, without a large investment in tooling and facilities. The book will emphasize aircraft applications, but race-car builders and high-performance boat-builders will use the same techniques.

From the Back Cover:

This book will teach the non-engineer aircraft homebuilder how to make very light high performance composite structures using simple techniques and materials generally available at a home supply store.

Simple vacuum-bagging techniques using flat tools suitable for the homebuilder are described in detail. A 17 step self teaching course allows the reader to progress from the simplest flat open layup to a nearly full scale closed wing section.

The basic technique taught is the cored skin, where thin glass skins are bonded to very thick light weight cores, producing very stiff, efficient panels. Several techniques for forming and bonding these panels are described.

Topics include:

  • Basic Principles of Composites
  • Composite Materials
  • Vacuum Bagging Components
  • Handling and Cutting Foam
  • Layup Techniques
  • Flat Tool Vacuum Bagging
  • Joints and Adhesives
  • Taping and Corners
  • Forming Curves
  • Flanges and Closing
  • Load Transitions
  • Single Curve Molds
  • Molding Techniques
  • Projects and Exercises

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