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Professional Pursuit - Online Study Aid

Professional Pursuit - Online Study Aid

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Product Features

  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
  • Author: pro-pursuit.com
  • Edition: 1.0
  • File Type: Web Application
    (Internet Connection Required)

Professional Pursuit - A Proven Successful Online Study Aid helps you learn and prepare for your FAA Oral Exams with the ease from any online device with a web browser. There are four (4) categories which contain 400 short answer questions derived from FAA’s required curricula and with the avionics questions from the EASA B2 avionics curricula.

Product Features

  • Try It For Free - Limited to 8 questions and answers.
  • Access via any online device with a compatible web browser.
  • Quickly study for your FAA Oral Exams.
  • Session statistics are recorded to your user profile.
  • Improve your speed using the card and session timers.
  • Challenge a friend or colleague.
  • Always have the up-to-date version.
  • Never have to worry about losing a card in the deck.
Professional Pursuit Online

Compatible with most modern web browsers.

How To Use Professional Pursuit Online

You can also download our one page user guide here Pro-Pursuit User Guide (PDF)

User Registration And Code Activation

Fill out all required fields and agree to the terms of conditions. Enter the unique Activation Code (sent to the email provided at time of purchase) into the Activation Code field in your user profile when your done registering for a new account or upgrading a trial version. Note: Additional bio fields are available but are not required.

Start A Study Session

Once registered, you will be given a choice of four (4) categories to study (General, Airframe, Powerplant, and Avionics). Choose the number of cards in the deck you would like to study (1-400)**. You can also choose to Shuffle the selection of cards in the deck. Click Start Session to proceed when ready.

**Mobile users, select smaller batches of cards to reduce resource load on the browser.

Flashcard Navigation And Finishing Your Session

Once you click Start Session you will be presented with the first card in the deck chosen either in sequential order or shuffled based on user preferences selected in Step 2. Click/tap the card to flip it and check your answers. You can advance to the next card without click/tapping back to the question side of the card. Click the Finish Session icon to review your session stats. The sessions are numbered and dated to help track your progress, these stats are also available in your user profile page.

New/Restart Session And User Profile

Once your session is finished you may restart using the same settings as the previous session or you can change to a new set of parameters and restart a new session. You can also navigate to your user profile to see your previous session results.