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Weight & Balance 101 - eVideo

Weight & Balance 101 - eVideo

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  • Publisher: Homebuilt Help
  • Author: Homebuilt Help
  • Time: 96 min.

The Weight & Balance 101 for Homebuilt Aircraft video is specifically designed to teach the experimental aircraft builder how to perform the required weight & balance calculations for their aircraft.

This video makes it easy for you to understand the concepts required to perform a weight and balance analysis on a small aircraft and then document the findings. It begins by presenting the big picture of the importance of weight & balance for safe aircraft flight, and then progresses through each step using chapters with detailed explanations. More experienced technicians and builders can skip through the early chapters to find the information they need. Weight & balance worksheets that are required for the inspection process are displayed on screen, and the instructor explains what they mean, and how to fill them out.

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