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Aviation Safety

Aviation Safety

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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9781892944245
  • Publisher: Endeavor Books
  • Author: Nathaniel Villaire
  • Edition: 2nd
  • Pages: 230
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    • Type: Unsecure eBook (PDF)
    • Printing: Yes; Up to One Copy
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    • Offline Access: Yes
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    • Compatibility: Windows, macOS, iOS, Android

Aviation Safety - More Than Common Sense is a composite of historical observations, government documents, personal experience, manufacturers' recommendations, accident statistics, and common sense. It is a book with a historical perspective, current trends, practical advice, and usable checklists and procedures. Case studies of accidents and incidents have been selected to illustrate events that affected or changed the direction of safety. In many cases, the classic study selected actually resulted in major changes to FAA policy or operational procedures. If placed in proper context, this work is designed to enhance the safety management instruction of future chief pilots, airport managers, consultants, and CEOs in the aviation profession.

This textbook is intended to supplement a college course in basic aviation safety concepts and is designed to complement an instructor's experience and knowledge, not replace it.

Topics Include:

  • Historical Roots of Safety
  • The Psychology of Unsafe Attitudes
  • Organizational Structure
  • Safety Communications
  • High Risk Aviation Environments - The Surface
  • High Risk Aviation Environments - Airborne
  • Safety Reporting Systems
  • Investigations
  • The Human Factor
  • Dedicated to Safety: Air Traffic Control
  • Safety Management Systems (SMS)

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