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Propeller Making For The Amateur

Propeller Making For The Amateur

SKU 0617-ECL-B
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  • Author: Eric Clutton
  • Pages: 55
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Propeller Making for the Amateur is for the devoted homebuilder, the woodworking aficionado, and for maintenance and repair needs of manufactured wood propellers.

It is a simple but comprehensive set of instructions for the making of wood propellers for the amateur aircraft builder. This booklet takes you step-by-step through the design and construction process of wood propellers using simple and common shop tools.

Topics Include:

  • Design Considerations
  • Drawing Layout
  • Tools, Materials, and Adhesives
  • Preparing the Laminations and Blank
  • Marking Out the Blank
  • Roughing-Out and Finish Carving
  • Protective Finishes and Balancing
  • Drilling and Counterboring
  • Fitting to the Hub
  • Special Designs
  • Repairs and Modifications

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Propeller Making... by Eric Clutton 07/26/2022
By Andy
great product
packaged well
shipped quickly

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