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Cat-A Complete Set - eBook Online

Cat-A Complete Set - eBook Online

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Product Features

  • ISBN: 9781941144404
  • Publisher: Aircraft Technical Book Co.
  • Edition: all current editions
  • Online eBook Specifications

    • Type: Online Secure eBook
    • Printing: Not Allowed
    • Copy/Paste: Not Allowed
    • Offline Access: Yes
    • Search: Yes
    • Bookmarked: Yes
    • Compatibility: Modern Web Browser

This set of books includes the complete 12 modules required for the EASA CAT-A1 Airplane/Turbine license which is often favored for line mechanics and/or as a start one career prior to obtaining a full B1 rating.

Each topic is explained with understandable text and exceptional full-color illustrations in a step by step detail. You will learn by understanding concepts, not just rote memorization and you will learn how and why each skill is useful in the day-day tasks of the aircraft technician in the aviation maintenance environment.

This set includes the 12 required modules for the CAT-A1 license:

  • 0100 - Module 01 - Mathematics
  • 0102 - Module 02 - Physics
  • 0105 - Module 03 - Electrical Fundamentals
  • 0109 - Module 05 - Digital Techniques
  • 0112 - Module 06 - Materials and Hardware
  • 0115 - Module 07A - Maintenance Practices
  • 0118 - Module 08 - Basic Aerodynamics
  • 0120 - Module 09A - Human Factors
  • 0122 - Module 10 - Aviation Legislation
  • 0124 - Module 11A - Turbine Aeroplane, Aerodynamics, Structures and Systems
  • 0133 - Module 15 - Gas Turbine Engine
  • 0137 - Module 17A - Propeller

Module Editions and Updates
ATB EASA Modules are in a constant state of review for quality, regulatory updates, and new technologies. This book's edition is given in the revision log above. Update notices will be available Online at Module Revisions Page If you would like to be notified when changes occur, please join our mailing list at www.actechbooks.com

To instructors:
If you are interested in exploring EASA Part 66 instruction or examinations in your facilities please email Andy Gold at agold@actechbooks.com or call 1.970.726.5111.

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