Retail Customer Return Policy

Physical Product Returns:

Everything purchased from Aircraft Technical Book Company or any of its partners or affiliates comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you don't like it, or it is not what you were looking for, you may return it for a full refund or exchange. All we ask is that you make your decision within 30 days and the item be returned in re-sellable condition. If an item is defective or if we made an error, we will refund the cost of shipping too. Please include with your return either a copy of your receipt, or your order number, and your name and complete shipping address and contact information, along with instructions on how you would like to be reimbursed. Please call for more information: (970) 726-5111.

Returns may be sent by mail to:

  1. Aircraft Technical Book Company
  2. PO Box 270
  3. Tabernash, CO 80478 USA

or by FedEx or UPS to:

  1. Aircraft Technical Book Company
  2. 72413 Hwy 40, Suite A
  3. Tabernash, CO 80478 USA

eProduct Returns:

eProducts and eBooks are also satisfaction guaranteed. If you do not like it, or it is not what you are looking for, it may be returned for a refund within 7 days of purchase. However, with SECURE eBooks, a 7% license fee from Adobe Systems is included in its price. Because that license can not be cancelled, your total refund will be 93% of the eBook's price.

To Return an eProduct:

  1. Please contact our technical support team by e-mail or by phone (970) 726-5111.

Wholesale Customer Returns Policy

As of July 18, 2018 Jeppesen products are no longer returnable for any reason.

ATB will continue to provide Jeppesen products, but only on a non-returnable basis. Please note this change effects only Jeppesen. All others remain returnable as follows:

Aircraft Technical Book Company wants our bookstore and dealer customers to feel free to responsibly over stock so that you can safely serve your last minute enrollees and other unexpected customers. Therefore your overstocked items may be returned for credit or exchange within 3 months of purchase according to the following:

  • 1] Returns are accepted for credit only; not for cash. Credits may be applied to current (on-time) invoices or future orders. Credit amounts are applicable to products only and will not cover shipping costs.
  • 2] Your returned items must be current editions in new undamaged condition, free of labels or other markings.
  • 3] Special order items (items not in our regular catalog) are not returnable.
  • 4] Large returns may (at our discretion) be subject to a restocking fee as so:
    • A) Returns equaling less than 25% of the original order incur no restocking fees.
    • B) Returns greater than 25% of the original order may incur a 10% restocking fee
  • 5] Requesting an RMA (returned merchandise authorization) is required to insure your returned merchandise meets these guidelines. Returns received which are contrary to these guidelines will be held for a maximum of 14 days awaiting your re-return shipping labels, prior to being discarded.
  • 6] As eCards and flash drives are custom made per your order, there is a $5 per unit return fee on unsold items. eCards do not need to be physically returned. Just email us the remaining EC codes and we can disable them.

Cover returns of revising material:

Cover returns are applicable only to unsold and unused copies of revised titles. Cover returns are NOT applicable to instructor copies or books which have already been sold or distributed to students. Replacements of instructor desk copies are handled through other procedures.

Notices of revising items subject to cover returns are sent by e-mail. To receive these email notices, please be sure to provide us with an e-mail address at which you can receive bulk messages. We are not responsible for e-mails not received because of changed addresses or your spam filter settings.,

Cover return notices include a deadline (typically 30 days) of when they must be received by ATB. Cover returns received later than that deadline can not be honored.

Please send only the front and back covers of books being returned under this program. The remainder of the book can be discarded/recycled. Your account will be credited for the amount paid for the items being returned (not including shipping).

Do not send cover returns for books before a cover return notice from ATB has been received.

Cover returns are NOT subject to restocking fees.

Because of unpredictable policies from Jeppesen, cover return notices for Jeppesen titles will no longer be sent.