Square Plotter: 1:500,000 scale

Square Plotter

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Simplify your flight planning with this handy, easy-to-use plotter.

Constructed of durable LexanŽ, this plotter won't melt, warp or break in extreme temperatures. Its convenient 5-1/8" square size and ease of use make this plotter a pilot favorite for simple, accurate flight planning. Uses a 1:500,000 scale and includes 5 NM and 10 NM radius rings for quick and easy measurement. The 2 NM grid makes alignment with parallels simple.

Instructions for Use:
Draw a line on your navigational chart using the straight edge to connect points which define the route of your flight. Use the scale at the top to determine distance. Place the center of the plotter over the course line and slide plotter along route until grid lines on the plotter align with a nearby line of latitude or longitude. Note direction of flight and read the true course on the outer compass rose. Apply variation and wind correction to determine magnetic heading.


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