Tapered & Straight Reamers: use and maintenance of precision reaming tools

Tapered & Straight Reamers

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Tapered & Straight Reamers is a two part historic film on the use of tapered and straight reamers which is still highly relavent for those engaged in precision metal benchwork.

Part 1 covers how to create precision tapered holes with the use of drills and reamers with multiple stage operations including tool use, lubrication, keeping holes straight, cleaning out chips, and making final adjustments for a perfect fit.

Part 2 covers the use of straight reamers as a finishing tool for a perfect round fit and for oversizing worn holes. The use of four types of straight reamers are covered including solid straight fluted reamers, spiral fluted reamers, inserted blade reamers, and adjustable hand reamers. The demonstration with animations covers a detailed description of the cutting blades, checking blade wear with a micrometer, and proper use of each tool.

This video is still highly applicable for anyone who uses these high precision hand tools.

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