Tdata's IApproach  Regulatory Research Software: subscription regulatory information

Tdata's IApproach
Regulatory Research Software

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IApproach from Tdata - What it is

IApproach is your source for ADs, Service Bulletins and other regulatory information for small aircraft, helicopters and corporate jets. With new speed enhancements in Tdatas IApproach version 6.e, pre-formatted aircraft templates (now counting 350) and an extensive collection of Service Bulletins, IApproach version 6.e is the "must-have" research software subscription. Subscriptions include software, updates, and unlimited technical support.

Features & Capabilities

  • Everything on a single CD.
    • No more shuffling multiple CDs to get what you want.
  • Nearly 350 aircraft templates
    • including model specific airframe, engine, prop, and appliance ADs
  • Networkable:
    • With the network edition, you can easily set up multiple users. Whenour update CD arrives, just place it in the shared drive or copy it to the server. No reinstallation needed.
  • Editable electronic FAA forms and AD compliance records
  • Weight and balance forms do the calculations for you.
  • New AD alerts:
    • When you open a saved work file, our AD alert window notifies you of any new or changed ADs since your last save. The report contains convenient links to AD text. New ADs are automatically added to your work file for review.
  • Five compliance report styles:
    • Choose from five well-organized report styles to fit your needs. Use our sorting and filtering options to print only the data you need
  • Find by make and model:
    • You don’t have to know the current TC holder-just type in the model and IApproach does the rest.
  • Single AD or STC power search:
    • Simply type in the AD number or make or, model to view the text. Perfect for logbook review.

What your Subscription Includes

  • IApproach software, scheduled updates, upgrades, and free unlimited technical support from Tdata.
  • Airworthiness Directives for small aircraft, helicopters and large corporate turboprop and jets
  • Type Certificate Data Sheets & Specifications Volumes I, II, IV, V & VI
  • STCs (Summary of supplemental type certificates)
  • NPRM's (Notice of Proposed Rule Making)
  • Aviation alerts, Handbooks and SAIB's (special airworthiness info bulletins)
  • All FARs (Parts 1 -199), Hazmat regulations and TSA regulations
  • Over 60 maintenance related ACs (plus 650 additional bonus ACs when you purchase the Biweekly package)
  • All USA aircraft owners and pilots Infobase CD with Pro Biweekly or Monthly.
  • CAMs and CARs CDs free with Pro Biweekly

Subscription Options

Apprentice - 1 yearbi-weekly updates without ability to save work files$395
IA Basic - 1 year on CD monthly updates, meets all IA Library requirements.$245
On-Demand - 1 year4 issues per year on your schedule - saves work files$295 Retail
Pro-Monthly - 1 yearsaves work files; free info base$495 Retail
Pro-Monthly - 2 yearssaves work files; free InfoBase$899 Retail
Pro-Biweekly - 1 yearsaves work files; free InfoBase, ACs, CAMs, CARs$595 Retail
Pro-Biweekly - 2 yearssaves work files; free InfoBase, ACs, CAMs, CARs$1099 Retail
Pro-Biweekly - Network1 year, 2 users$795 Retail
Pro-Biweekly - Network1 year, 3 users $995 Retail
Pro-Biweekly - Network1 year, 4+ userscall for pricing
Part 147 School Edition 2 years, monthly updates, unlimited networking, $1200
the network version allows for centralized updates and multiple user access over your LAN or WAN. Save and recall your work files. FREE InfoBase CD, Advisory Circulars CDs, CAMs & CARs CDs. Please call for pricing on network options!

On-line or CDs - Its your choice

The internet delivery option is available for IApproach Pro monthly and bi-weekly subscriptions. Apprentice, Seasonal, and On-demand subscriptions are available only on CD.

On-line delivery offers the exact same content, but as it is transmitted instantly, you will receive your updates several days before a CD in the mail.

On-line delivery installs on up to two PCs for use by the same individual (for example a desktop and a mobile laptop. The program installs on your hard drive and functions exactly like the CD version of IApproach. IA delivery features a scheduler that allows you to specify when to check for updates (for example every day at midnight), or you can check for updates on demand.

Shipping Costs

Standard CD delivery by Priority Mail within the USA is included in each subscription price. Optional 2nd day delivery is available for an additional $20; overnight for $30. For international orders, please add an additional $14.50.

IApproach System Requirements

  • Pentium (or equivalent) 200mhz or higher processor
  • Windows 2000/XP/Vista or higher
  • At least 128MB of RAM, 50MB free on hard drive
  • CD-ROM drive
  • Laser, /InkJet, or DeskJet printer
  • 256 color graphics card running at 16 million colors at least 800 x 600 resolution
  • Adobe Acrobat® version 6.0 or higher
  • Internet Delivery option: Broadband internet connection (DSL, Cable or T1 for example). You do not have to be connected to the internet full time. A connection is only required for a 5-minute download every 2 weeks.


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