Jabiru Engine Installation: install Jabiru engines and components firewall forward

Jabiru Engine Installation

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300 min
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Filmed on location at a hands-on workshop provided by the technicians at Jabiru-USA. The purpose of the seminar was to train aircraft builders that have purchased Jabiru engines how to properly design and install their firewall forward components.

Zenith 601 and 701 aircraft were used as the classroom demonstration aircraft. HomebuiltHELP was invited to film this seminar to help make the important details of Jabiru installation available to others that are considering a Jabiru engine.

The two day seminar allowed the attendees to freely participate and ask questions of the Jabiru experts - many questions and answers were caught on film for your benefit.

Engine crate unpacking and contents
Handling/removing the engine from the crate;
explanation of the break in procedure accomplished by the factory prior to shipment.

Engine Mounting techniques
Observe and understand special considerations for mounting the engine on the airframe: engine mount to firewall alignment, engine onto the mount itself. Rubber engine mount hardware: male-female part direction is important.

Prop flange removal/installation
The prop flange length you need may require demonstration of removing/reinstallation of the factory installed flange.

Oil Filter/Cooler
Installation of the oil cooler and the requisite connections are essential for proper operation. The oil cooler needs to occupy a specific location in the cowl.

The Jabiru supplied muffler provides the necessary heat muffs for both cabin heat and carb heat.

Air Ducts
The key to proper cooling is the installation and customization of the fiberglass air ducts on each bank of cylinders. An in depth discussion of these issues is included.

A detailed discussion of tuning the mixture of the Bing altitude compensating carb for prop load is discussed at length. A Jabiru economizer feature is described along with the needle jets involved for this.

A snippet of the video:


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