EASA Module 06 B1  Materials and Hardware: for B1 aircraft maintenance

EASA Module 06 B1
Materials and Hardware

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EASA Part 66 compliant Module 6 on Materials and Hardware for the aviation maintenance technician for B1 aircraft maintenance certification.

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Aircraft Materials and Hardware covers the type of materials commonly used in aircraft and aerospace applications from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and testing procedures; composite fabrics and resins; the identification and uses of various AN and MS hardware, and electrical wiring and connecting devices. You will learn by understanding concepts, not just rote memorization and you will learn how and why each type of material and connector is useful in the day-day tasks of the aircraft technician in an aviation maintenance environment.

This book is fully compliant as EASA Part 66 module 6 for the B1 license and has been given approvals by numerous EASA based civil aviation authorities.

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Ferrous Metals
Characteristics, properties and identification of common alloy steels used in aircraft; heat treatment of alloy steels; testing for hardness, tensile strength, fatigue strength, and impact resistance.

Non-Ferrous Metals
Characteristics, properties and identification of common alloy steels used in aircraft; heat treatment of non-ferrous metals; testing for hardness, tensile strength, fatigue strength, and impact resistance.

Composite and Non-Metallic
Characteristics, properties and identification of composite materials; detection of defects/deterioration in composite materials; repair of composite materials.

Wooden Structures
Construction methods; properties and types of wood and glues; preservation and maintenance of wooden structures; defects in wood materials; detection of defects; repair of wooden structures.

Fabric Covering
Characteristics, properties and types of fabrics used in aeroplanes; inspection methods for fabrics; types of defects in fabrics; repair of fabric covering.

Chemical fundamentals; formation by galvanic action process, microbiological, stress; types of corrosion and their identification; causes of corrosion; material types, susceptibility to corrosion.

Fasteners - Screw Threads
screw nomenclature; thread forms, dimensions and tolerances for standard threads used in aircraft; measuring screw threads.

Bolts, Studs, and Screws
bolt types: specification, identification and marking of aircraft bolts, international standards;
nuts: self locking, anchor, standard types;
machine screws: aircraft specifications;
Studs: types and uses, insertion and removal;
self tapping screws, dowels.

Locking Devices
tab and spring washers, locking plates, split pins, pal-nuts, wire locking, quick release fasteners, keys, circlips, cotter pins.

Aircraft Rivets
types of solid and blind rivets; specifications and identification, heat treatment.

Pipes and Unions
identification of and types of rigid and flexible pipes and their connectors used in aircraft; standard unions for aircraft hydraulic, fuel, oil, pneumatic, and air systems pipes.

Types of springs, materials, characteristics and applications.

Purpose of bearings, loads, material, construction; types of bearings and their application.

gear types and their application; gear ratios, reduction and multiplication gear systems, driven and driving gears, idler gears, mesh patterns; belts and pulleys, chains and sprockets.

Control Cables
types of cables; end fittings, turnbuckles and compensation devices; pulleys and cable system components; Bowden cables; aircraft flexible control systems.

Electrical Cables and Connectors
cable types, construction and characteristics; high tension and coaxial cables; crimping; connector types, pins, plugs, sockets, insulators, current and voltage rating, coupling, identification codes.

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