WAAS & GPS CD Course, by Max Trescott

WAAS & GPS CD Course

by Max Trescott

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For Garmin GNS 430W, 530W, 480, G1000 and G900X

WAAS, the FAA's Wide Area Augmentation System, lets you fly more than 1,700 LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches with vertical guidance to as low as 200 feet. Whether you are a GPS expert or beginner, there is lots to know about flying the new WAAS approaches.

Thousands of WAAS capable Garmin GPSs are shipping, but there is no easy way to learn all of the details of flying with WAAS. This new course teaches you to fly these approaches step-by-step, and shows you how many feet of obstacle clearance you have at ever point on the approach. Learn from two Master CFIs how to avoid the "gotchas" that can trick even experienced GPS pilots. Max Trescott's Interactive Quick StartTM Adults prefer to learn by zeroing in on just the information that's most important to them, without having to being dragged through an entire course. Our new Max Trescott's Interactive Quick StartTM lets you do just that.

At any time, you can access any of the following interactive features:

  • WAAS Glossary
  • Flying the LPV Approach Interactive Process Chart

WAAS and GPS Course Outline:

  • WAAS: Benefits and Description
  • WAAS Minimums
  • Flying an LPV Approach
  • Flying an LNAV/VNAV Approach
  • Flying an LNAV+V Approach
  • WAAS certified GPS receivers
  • GPS Review
  • WAAS Notams
  • Future GPS and WAAS capabilities
  • GPS Approach Segments and Protected Areas
  • Regulations and Operational Considerations
  • The WAAS and GPS Course runs over four hours

Downloadable files attached to the course include:

  • Printable copies of the instrument approach procedures discussed
  • Printable lists of all 1,700 LPV and LNAV/VNAV approaches in the U.S.


System Requirements:

Works on Windows (98 through Vista), Macintosh (OS 9.x and 10.x) and Linux


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