A&P Complete Set: the highest quality, most current, and economical, A&P complete kit

A&P Complete Set

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Now with new edition and fully peer reviewed and corrected 8083-ATB Handbooks

Our recommendation for combining the most current, highest quality, and most economical material available from multiple publishers for a complete A&P curriculum.

Items in this kit include the full 8083/ATB General, Airframe and Powerplant Handbook set, matching set of 3 Test Guides and Workbooks, along with the most current AC43.13 and FARs for AMTs. **Note to eBook purchasers: Upon ordering this set in eBook format, you will immediately receive the download for the Set of 3 Test Guides. The remaining books will be sent within 1 business day.**

Attention College Students: Before ordering any kit, check with your instructor to be sure that these are the exact books required by your school.

Attention Instructors: This kit may be modified in any way to suit your individual curriculum. Please call 970 726-5111.


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