AMT Logbook: Document your work experience.  EASA and FAA compliant

AMT Logbook

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Document your experience and training in this fully complaint format. This is the second most important document you will ever own to grow your career.

A newly designed page format is introduced with this 2nd edition logbook with the guidance of various EASA Civil Aviation Authorities (CAA’s) to comply with their preferences for A&P and other certified candidates seeking to add a B1 or B2 license to their resumes.

For the EASA B1/B2 candidate:
For the A&P or other certified technician; adding a B1 or B2 license requires, 1] that you pass the written exams, and 2] that you can prove up to 5 years of relevant experience to an EASA member civil aviation authority (CAA). The standard method of this proof is with a daily logbook with each task entered and verified by a supervisor. The format of this logbook is exactly that, and laid out exactly as the CAA inspectors prefer. For more information on this process and/or earning a B1/B2 license, please write to us or call.

For the A&P mechanic:
Keeping a logbook is your path towards future employment and promotions. Nothing places your resume higher on the pile than proof of your experience with a particular piece of equipment AND proof of your understanding of the importance of record keeping. Plus you will be well prepared should you ever choose to explore the benefits of international EASA certification.

For the A&P student:
There is no better time to begin a good habit than now. Begin keeping a log with your school lab projects. Did you change a tire on the school’s Cessna 150? Did you replace a blade on a lab’s PT-6? Write it down. Bring it to your interviews. Your commitment to details, pride in your work, and proof of your ability to communicate in writing will place you far above the rest, and quickly reward you with better offers and better pay.

Contains 226 pages and over 1300 entries with a thick oil resistant cover which fits easily in your toolbox. Columns on each page include: date, equipment type, registration number, ATA category, task category, task description, AMM reference, and supervisor's signature.

Maintenance Log Sample:

 AMT Log Book


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