AMT Logbook: Document your work experience.  EASA and FAA compliant

AMT Logbook

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Document your work and practical training experience in this EASA Part 66 and FAA 14CFR Part 163 compliant format.

This logbook is the most important document you will own related to you career in aircraft maintenance. The data within will serve as a vital record each time you seek a new rating or an advancement or change in your job. We urge you to carefully record each task you complete. The more detailed your entries, the more they will help you to prove your qualifications when you need to do so.

For FAA technicians, it is particularly important if you ever choose to expand your licenses for EASA certification

From your first day in school and throughout your career, get in the habit of writing it down. Did you help change a tire on a Cessna 150? Did inspect and replace a blade on a CF-6? Document it. These records will show not just what you are qualified to do, but that you are disciplined enough to keep the record. Documented experience with a particular aircraft, engine, piece of equipment, or specialized skill will be sure to put your resume on top of the pile.

For EASA students and apprentices, and for Cat-A personnel planning a B upgrade; these entries will prove your on-the-job experience and thus eligibility for your final license application.

Contains 226 pages and over 2000 entries.

Entry points on each page include:
equipment type
registration number
description of work performed
airframe, powerplant, or avionics category
time on the job for group 1, 2 or helicopter types
supervisor or instructors name

Maintenance Log Sample:

 AMT Log Book


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