Kitplanes Magazine Issue April 2014, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine Issue
April 2014

by Phil Dixon & Sherwood Harris

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  • Annual Engine Buyer’s Guide, Part 2
    • 32 2014 Alternative Engine Buyer’s Guide: Converted for flight. By Patrick Panzera.
  • Flight Reports
    • 22 Those Wright Brothers are at it again: The original homebuilt. By Paul Dye.
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 6 Northward Ho! Alaska and back in a plansbuilt Sonex. By Robert E. Barber.
    • 18 Engine Build School: Class is in session at Superior Engines—Part 2. By Omar Filipovic.
    • 38 Wooden Props: While composite props are making in roads, the century-old technology of wood more than holds its own. By Paul Bertorelli.
    • 46 How the Pros Do It: The visit to Maule Aircraft continues. By Dan Horton.
    • 49 Error Chain: Bubble, Bubble, Boil…and Trouble! Vapor lock stops a Lycoming during Phase 1 testing. By Bill Repucci.
    • 65 CompletionS: Builders share their successes.
    • 73 Ask the DAR: KR-2 as LSA, Overweight Ultralights, Pre-cover Inspections. By Mel Asberry.
  • Shop Talk
    • 52 To Bead or Not to Bead? There is no question. By Dan Horton.
    • 56 Maintenance Matters: Give yourself a brake! By Dave Prizio.
    • 62 Practical Electrical: Battery facts and fables for the aircraft builder—Part 1. By Robert L. Nuckolls, III.
    • 77 Aero ’lectrics: That’s why we call them sparkies. By Jim Weir.