Flying the Beech Bonanza, by John C. Eckalbar

Flying the Beech Bonanza

by John C. Eckalbar

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Flying the Beech Bonanza is packed with interesting and important information for the Bonanza pilot which is available from no other source.

Flying the Beech Bonanza answers the following questions:

  • How much help are flaps in getting over a 50-foot obstacle?
  • Does it really pay to cruise climb in a Bonanza?
  • What airspeed and rpm yield emergency maximum range?
  • Does it make sense to run lean of peak?
  • What is the optimum altitude for a trip of 200 or 600 miles?
  • How should you adjust your turbulent air penetration speed for light weights?
  • How do the performance, handling, and loading characteristics of the four Bonanzas vary?
  • How can two tail members do the work of three?

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  • Introduction
  • The Bonanza's External Characteristics
    • Wings, Tails, The A36, Deck Angle on the Ground, Overall Skin Friction Coefficient
  • Handling Qualities
    • Stick Forces and Trim with Gear, Flap, Power Changes, Stalls, Spiral Stability, Directional Stability, Aileron-rudder Interconnect , Adverse Yaw
  • Simple Aerodynamics of the V-tail
    • Elevator Inputs, Rudder Inputs, Combined Elevator-rudder Inputs
  • The Maneuver-Gust Envelope
    • Lift and Load Factor; Limit and Ultimate Load Factors; Maneuvering Speed; Design Airspeeds; Gust Load Factor; The Combined Maneuver-gust Envelope
  • Performance Fundamentals–Thrust and Drag
    • Thrust; Thrust Horsepower Required
  • Takeoff
    • Routine Takeoff; Short Field Takeoff; Climb Angles with and Without Flaps
  • Climb
    • Maximum Rate and Maximum Angle; Cruise Climb
  • Cruise
    • How High - at 75 Percent Power; Altitude for Best Speed - 65 Percent Power; Trip Time Vs. Fuel Used; The Effect of Wind; Other Factors
  • Leaning
    • The Continental Service Bulletin; Six-probe Installations; Single Probe Installations; Leaning in Descent; The IO-550
  • IFR by the Numbers
    • The Ruts; Near the Final Approach Fix ; Let Down to Minimums ; At the MDA; Missed Approach; Landing and Flaps; Takeoff to Cruise; High Speed Descent; When Instruments Fail
  • Landing
    • Handbooks - Old and New; Balked Landing
  • Weight and Balance
    • To Be Legal
  • Weight
    • Speed; Climb; Takeoff Roll; Stalls; Landing Roll; Gliding Range; Local Weight Limits
  • Center of Gravity – General Considerations
    • Static Longitudinal Stability; Wing Forces and Moments; Stability of the Wing Alone; The Tail's Contribution to Longitudinal Stability; Stick Forces; Airspeed and CG-A Digression; Directional Stability; Summary Chart


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Most engaging book Sep 19, 2011 Paul De Zan
  "I don't fly Bonanzas; in fact, I haven't ridden in one for about three years. Despite this, I've just finished re-reading your Flying the Beech Bonanza for the fifth time. It's got to be the most engaging and useful technical book about flying I've ever seen. It literally forces one to think about the airplane and the flight environment in a structured and deliberate manner. The fact that it's... more...
Absolutely must reading Sep 19, 2011 Paul Morton retired Braniff Captain
  "...absolutely must reading for Bonanza pilots. It is dedicated specifically to Bonanza flight safety and performance." more...
Impressed Sep 19, 2011 Capt. Jay Arnold
  "As a retired Navy test pilot, I was particularly impressed with both the technical presentations and the straightforward pilot talk. I believe that I have a keen insight into how the bird really performs. more...
Fascinating Sep 19, 2011 Peter Dogan late President of...
  " important contribution to the aviation literature...melding of precise technical information with practical observation makes (the) book enjoyable reading for any pilot...I found it fascinating and suspect other will, too." more...
Absolutely outstanding job Sep 19, 2011 John Frank Founder of the Cessna...
  "Absolutely outstanding job. It is extremely well researched and reads in a manner that all pilots can understand...I think it is about time that someone had done this type of book for the Bonanza. I think it can be a major contribution to aviation safety." more...