Rotax 912 Installation Tips and Techniques: preparing & installing the Rotax 912

Rotax 912 Installation
Tips and Techniques

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Rotax 912 Installation - Tips & Techniques - DVD - This presentation explains the most important details of preparing and installing the popular Rotax 912 family of four stroke engines in your experimental homebuilt aircraft. This reliable, high performance engine will only perform safely if installed properly as specified by the Rotax installation guide. The important details in this guide are often misunderstood or even ignored completely resulting in catastrophic engine failures and dangerous situations.

This video makes the the installation guide come to life by demonstrating on screen an actual installation while explaining the theory behind the procedures!

How to configure and install the oil system (cooler, hoses, tank)
How to purge the oil system during the first time fill
How to configure and plumb the cooling system (hoses, radiator, overflow bottle, coolant)
Understanding and wiring the regulator/rectifier (Do I need a big capacitor?)
Generator capacity and hookup to the regulator/rectifier
How to wire the temperature sensors and gauges
Installation of the exhaust system
Carburetor and fuel system theory and hookup (cables for chokes and carbs)
Starter circuit and solenoid wiring
Detailed steps for the very first time startup
Synchronizing the carburetors - manually AND pneumatically!
Most common installation errors that have resulted in engine failures
The inside scoop on what the issues with fuel and oil selection are
Much, much more!

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