Aircraft Metal Working 101: best for applications using blind (pop) rivets

Aircraft Metal Working 101

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Metal Working 101 - DVD is produced for the beginning builder of blind (pop) riveted metal kit plane construction.

2008 version features updates to Zenith 601/701 rudder construction.

The ideal audience for this video is the person who is contemplating the undertaking of a metal kit plane project (for example: Zenith, Sonex, Hummel) and wants to witness the actual skills and procedures necessary for successfully achieving this end. This DVD will take you thru the actual construction of a Zenith CH 701/601 rudder, from start to finish. While it can be used to supplement the construction guide supplied by the manufacturer with this rudder, it is actually intended to demonstrate to the beginning builder just what tasks and skills are required for any similar brand of metal kit plane construction. In addition to the rudder building demonstration, general metal building procedures are explained and demonstrated.

Topics included in the demonstrations are:
identifying and cutting standard aircraft aluminum sheet
drilling and deburring aluminum sheet
simple and safe corrosion protection
cleco sizes and procedures
blind (pop) rivets and riveting demonstrations
special tools commonly used in metal working for kit planes

These presentations are produced by a professional instructor and homebuilder, and actors are used only for the humorous content - which place these productions in a very special category... you will enjoy them!

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A Viewers Comment:
Just wanted to let you know my husband and I received your video last weekend and have reviewed it several times. It is most excellent! Watching the video helped reinforce our belief that we actually could do this project. You broke things down in such a way they were easy to understand. We also enjoyed the sections after the rudder assembly that went into basic sheet metal techniques. Your close ups on things like how the rivet looks as you squeeze the riveter and how it looks once it "pops" off was really neat. You have an eye for detail and an instinct to know what a newbie would want to see. Your teaching technique was very good and we look forward to ordering some more of your video's in the future as our project progresses.


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