Kitplanes Magazine Issue  September 2009

Kitplanes Magazine Issue
September 2009

Sept 2009
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  • Flight Reports
    • 6 Power Promises (Horsepower seems a heady attraction, but does it deliver? We test two Sportsman 2+2 aircraft with two engines to find out; by Marc Cook.)
    • 15 What’s Hummin’ at Hummel? (The UltraCruiser has a grown-up sibling in the H-5 Sport Cruiser; by LeRoy Cook.)
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 24 Channel Challenger (The Dawn Patrol lends a hand to the effort to build a plane that will recreate Louis Bleriot’s historic flight across the English Channel; by Dick Starks.)
    • 38 Man on a Mission (Using a Sportsman 2+2 in Africa, Tom Needham provides flight services to people badly in need; by Dave Prizio.)
    • 45 Build a Bear: Third Time Charm (As this series debuts, the author narrows the choice for his next project to two designs...and then settles on a Cub; by Dave Prizio.)
    • 51 The Independence Project: Winging It (In this new series on building a Van’s RV-12, the first subkit is completed as we are reintroduced to the design; by Dave Martin.)
    • 56 Unusual Attitude
    • 58 Completions (Builders share their successes.)
  • Shop Talk
    • 34 DIY Firewall Boots (Seal the firewall while allowing components ease of movement with this simple project; by Chuck Deiterich.)
    • 36 You and the Tube (Tackle the tubing on your airplane with flare; by Ishmael Fuentes.)
    • 71 Aero ’lectrics (Strip, mark, fuse, dye and limit; by Jim Weir.)
  • Designer’s Notebook
    • 63 Wind Tunnel (Does a retractable gear make sense? By Barnaby Wainfan.)
  • Exploring
    • 2 Around the Patch (Love the one you’re with; by Marc Cook.)
    • 4 What’s New (Lancair’s piston Evolution flies; MGL’s V10 com radio debuts; edited by Mary Bernard.)
    • 31 25th Anniversary: Power Shift (So-called clone engines helped power the market; by Marc Cook.)
    • 44 Product Review: Garmin e-Learning (This pseudo schoolroom for the GPSMAP 696 is better than the cockpit, at first; by Marc Cook.)
    • 60 Engine Beat (Do you or don’t you? Those pesky ADs; by Steve Ells.)
    • 70 Ask the Dar (Understanding the scope of your operating limitations; by Mel Asberry.)
    • 73 Light Stuff (Have it your way with the RANS S-6 LSA; by Dave Martin.)
  • Kit Bits
    • 5 Letters
    • 66 List of Advertisers
    • 67 Builders’ Marketplace
    • 75 The Classified Builder
    • 80 Kit Stuff (Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.)


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