Practical IFR Flying Course, by Chuck McGill

Practical IFR Flying Course

by Chuck McGill

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Enhance Performance, reduce workload, and increase your level of safety when flying single pilot IFR

This CD provides a full hour of instruction on methods and techniques to make Single Pilot IFR flying simpler, easier, less stressful, and safer! Find out helpful things your instructor never taught you! Learn how using current technology can reduce your risk in IFR flight!

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About the Author:
Chuck McGill; Master CFI, CFII, MEI, 2009 NAFI CFI of the Year - Western Pacific Region

Chuck has been instructing pilots since 1980 and has logged over 11,000 hours in general aviation aircraft. He specializes in providing customized training adapted to the specific needs of his students and the aircraft they fly. Primarily, Chuck's students fly high performance single engine aircraft with turbocharged engines and technically advanced avionics. In addition Chuck teaches students seeking instrument and commercial ratings. His training programs are insurance approved for initial and recurrent training by virtually all insurance underwriters. Chuck's pilot ratings include Commercial FAA certificates for ASEL, SES, MEL, Instrument Airplane, as well as his CFI and CFII. He holds a Bachelor's Degree in business management and an MBA in finance and marketing and is a retired Lieutenant Colonel, US Marine Corps.


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