Kitplanes Magazine Issue  October 2009

Kitplanes Magazine Issue
October 2009

Oct 2009
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  • Flight Reports
  • Builder Profile
    • 6 Fly on one...You’ll Understand (If economical wind-in-your-hair flying is what you’re after, the Breezy is one way to go; by Mary Bernard.)
    • 16 Fred & Pam’s Great Big Airplane Adventure (Why do people build “pickup trucks” like the Murphy SR2500 Super Rebel? To haul stuff! By Bill Repucci.)
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 26 Build a Bear: Taking Stock (There’s a lot to do before actual assembly of the Texas Sport Cub can begin; by Dave Prizio.)
    • 34 The Home Machinist (The tale of the recalcitrant screw; by Bob Fritz.)
    • 38 The Independence Project: Tackling the Tail (The RV-12 builder team completes a big piece of the airplane; by Dave Martin.)
    • 43 Static System Error: Theory and Practice (We look at troubleshooting this system as preparation for flight testing using the speed course method; by Kevin Horton.)
    • 58 Completions (Builders share their successes.)
  • Shop Talk
    • 46 V-block Drill Jig from Scrap (You want an excuse to buy that shiny tube-drilling tool? Sorry, not this time… By Ishmael Fuentes.)
    • 71 Aero ’lectrics (Fuse and dye, my, oh my; by Jim Weir.)
  • Designer’s Notebook
    • 63 Wind Tunnel (Vortex generators and flow-separation problems; by Barnaby Wainfan.)
  • Exploring
    • 2 Around the Patch (Clicks, clunks, tinks & turns; by Marc Cook.)
    • 4 What’s New (Continental has a new O-200 lightweight engine, and the Belite aircraft prototype debuts; edited by Mary Bernard.)
    • 31 25th Anniversary: Engine Monitoring (From single-needle EGTs to EFIS-linked boxes, instruments to watch over your engine have seen a revolution; by Marc Cook.)
    • 48 Buzzwords: Understanding Dihedral Effect (You’ve heard the term, now here’s a simple way to appreciate what it does for an airplane; by Ed Kolano.)
    • 52 Down to Earth (Prepping a homebuilt for new life as a trainer; by Amy Laboda.)
    • 54 Experimotive (Alternative-engine types meet in the desert; by Rick Lindstrom.)
    • 60 Engine Beat (Alternator maintenance: Don’t let the smoke out; by Steve Ells.)
    • 70 Ask the Dar (What docs are required when changing a prop? By Mel Asberry.)
    • 73 Light Stuff (Living legend: Texas Sport Cub; by Dave Martin.)
  • Kit Bits
    • 5 Letters
    • 66 List of Advertisers
    • 67 Builders’ Marketplace
    • 75 The Classified Builder
    • 80 Kit Stuff (Drawing on experience; by cartoonist Robrucha.)


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