Kitplanes MagazineSeptember 2018, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine
September 2018

by Phil Dixon & Sherwood Harris

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  • Builder Spotlight
    • 6 Backcountry Cub Special Operations Edition: Premeditation defines Paul Collins’ first project. By Scott M. Spangler.
    • 14 Rutan Aircraft Flying Experience: Keeping Burt Rutan’s classic canards alive. By Dave Forster.
    • 20 Front Seat in a Pietenpol: Low, slow, and good for the soul. By Tom Winter.
    • 24 Engine Overhauls: A visit to Poplar Grove Airmotive. By Dan Dudley.
    • 30 A Cautionary Tail: His Mong Sport was ready to fall apart, but there’s no way Jeff Rose could have known it. By Tom Wilson.
    • 34 New Gear for an Old Plane: Building landing gear from scratch for a Starduster One. By Dana Hague.
    • 42 Whole Airplane Parachutes: Should you install one on your ultralight or experimental? By Lisa Turner.
    • 48 G3X Upgrade: Improving an already capable panel. By Bob Markert.
    • 64 Completions: Builders share their successes.
    • 66 Ask the DAR : Importing a Canadian experimental to the U.S., maintenance regs, Form 8000-3 confusion. By Mel Asberry.
    • Shop Talk
      • 52 Maintenance Matters: Aircraft maintenance records. By Dave Prizio.
      • 56 Unairworthy: Loose jam nuts. By Vic Syracuse.
      • 57 Plane and Simple: Double-duty band saws. By Jon Croke.
      • 60 Home Shop Machinist: Home shop wheel-ee. By Bob Hadley.
      • 72 The Creative Homebuilder: Make your own pull tester. By KITPLANES® Staff.
      • 73 Aero ’Lectrics: Three to get ready. By Jim Weir.
      • Designer’s Notebook
        • 76 Wind Tunnel: Design process—wing size. By Barnaby Wainfan.
        • Exploring
          • 2 Editor’s Log: Know your (operating) limitations. By Paul Dye.
          • 58 Checkpoints: Sun ’n Fun musings and more. By Vic Syracuse.
          • 60 Checkpoints: Improving the safety record. By Vic Syracuse.
          • 78 Rear Cockpit: Progress and the Red Baron. By Tom Wilson.
          • Kit Bits
            • 4 Letters
            • 67 List of Advertisers
            • 68 Builders’ Marketplace
            • 80 Kit Stuff: Drawing on experience. By cartoonist Robrucha.


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