Kitplanes MagazineJanuary 2018, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine
January 2018

by Phil Dixon & Sherwood Harris

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  • Flight Review
    • 6 Super Duty! Zenith takes the STOL CH 750 up a notch. By Paul Dye.
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 16 Building the Bearhawk LSA: The landing gear. By Ken Scott.
    • 22 Covering a Replica of the spirit of St. Louis: A precise reproduction must have authentic fabric. By David Gustafson.
    • 26 Making a Business out of a Metal Rod: Harmon Lange has made more landing gear legs than anybody. By Ken Scott.
    • 30 Coming Back: Returning to the cockpit after a long absence. By LeRoy Cook.
    • 34 A New Spin On It: Andrew Angellotti offers a new BoxDAQ and updated Featherweight air data probe. By Tom Wilson.
    • 36 Easy Wheelpant Repair: Or how I stopped worrying and embraced fiberglass. By Paul Dye.
    • 46 Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design: How to fabricate sandwich panels, part 3. By Eric Stewart.
    • 51 SOS: A tongue-in-cheek look at acronyms and other vernacular used in aviation. By Myron Nelson.
    • 65 Completions: Builders share their successes.
  • 72 Ask the DAR : Major restoration of a 34-year-old Experimental, fabricating an engine from raw materials. By Mel Asberry.
  • Shop Talk
    • 43 The Creative Homebuilder: Gear-leg drill jig. By KITPLANES® Staff.
    • 44 Plane and Simple: Another method for transferring holes. By Jon Croke.
    • 54 Best Practices: Controls. By Dave Prizio.
    • 58 Home Shop Machinist: Welding. By Bob Hadley.
    • 76 Aero’Lectrics : iPower by the iBruteForce method. By Jim Weir.
    • 79 Unairworthy: Inadequate rudder stop. By Vic Syracuse.
    • Shop Tip
      • 75 Worktable Suggestions: By David Paule.
      • 77 Modifying Tools: By Larry Larson.
    • Designer’s Notebook
      • 73 Wind Tunnel: Design process, part 2—how high should you fly? By Barnaby Wainfan.
    • Exploring
      • 2 Editor’s Log: You don’t have to go. By Paul Dye.
      • 52 Checkpoints: The best-laid plans. By Vic Syracuse.
      • 60 The Dawn Patrol: Raising the misery bar. By Dick Starks.
      • 78 Rear Cockpit: Not me! By Tom Wilson.
    • Kit Bits
      • 4 Letters
      • 69 List of Advertisers
      • 70 Builders’ Marketplace
      • 80 Kit Stuff: Drawing on experience. By cartoonist Robrucha.


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