Flight Discipline, by Tony Kern

Flight Discipline

by Tony Kern

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Flight Discipline is the complete tool kit for any aviator, whether military, commercial, or recreational, to develop the crack discipline needed to be a safe and effective aviator. Major Tony Kern analyses the causes of poor flight discipline, gives chilling case studies of the consequences, and lays out a plan for individual improvement. Key words are italicized and review questions included for each chapter. An unequalled guide to this mainspring of good piloting.

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``A skilled pilot without flight discipline is a walking time bomb.'' In case history after case history, Lt. Col. Tony Kern shows the hair-raising and often fatal consequences of sloppy flight discipline--and shows you how to make sure that you don't fall into the same traps. Flight Discipline is the perfect tool to help aviators understand flight discipline, improve their skills, and be safer and more effective flyers. It can be used by the individual pilot or in a classroom setting. Key words and concepts are italicized throughout. Chapter review questions test your understanding and summarize the main points of the chapters. Case studies illustrate the tragic consequences of sloppy discipline. The book is divided into three logical sections, each packed with essential information about the hows and whys of flight discipline: Part One: The problem and costs of poor flight discipline in aviation: what can go wrong, and why; Part Two: The anatomy of flight discipline: instruction, planning, communication, and attention management; Part Three: How to insure flight discipline: instruction, planning, communication, and attention management. Conclusion: A personal plan for safer flying. Clear check-points for individual accountability and improvement. Whether flight planning, completing checklists, managing in-flight change, or resisting organizational or peer pressures to cut corners, flight discipline is the all-important mainspring of safe and successful flight.

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Table of Contents


Part I: The Problem of Poor Discipline. The Costs of Poor Discipline.
* The Letter of the Law: Regulatory Deviation.
* The Problem with Shortcuts: Procedural Deviations.
* Organizational Policies: Two Issues for Flight Discipline.

Part II: The Anatomy of Flight Discipline.
* The Enemy Within: Internal Factors Impacting Flight Discipline.
* Outside Influences: External Factors Impacting Flight Discipline.
* Guiding Lights: The Critical Role of Mentoring and Instruction.

Part III: Killing Conditions: Common Scenarios for Breakdowns of Flight Discipline.
* The Experience Factor.
* Glory Seeking: The Airshow Syndrome.
* Misplaced Priorities.
* Overconfidence and Complacency. Failing to Prepare.
* Flight Insurance: A Personal Program for Improving Flight Discipline.

Reader Reviews:

Required reading!
This is certainly a must read book for pilots, from students like myself, to those on the top of the aviation food chain. Mr. Kern provides the WHY pilots MUST follow procedures like using checklists to making good decisions on when and when not to fly or the need to be in strict compliance with FAR/AIM's. His points are illustrated with numerous mishaps and close calls when pilots chose to break the rules. There is nothing more riveting than to "stand on the shoulder of giants" and learn from countless mistakes from both the military and civilian arenas of aviation. This most certainly will make me a better informed pilot. Thanks Lt. Col. Kern

September 23, 2001 (Massachusetts, United States)


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