Kitplanes MagazineMarch 2018, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine
March 2018

by Phil Dixon & Sherwood Harris

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  • Flight Review
    • 6 Durand Reinstatement: Planning a kit for the unique Mark V negative-stagger biplane. By Scott M. Spangler.
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 16 NEXRAD for Kit Aircraft Drivers: A tremendous safety tool for wise, cautious pilots. By Myron Nelson.
    • 22 Effect of Fairings on Speed: Reducing drag is aneconomical way to go faster. By Nigel Speedy.
    • 26 Tricked-Out Tailwheel: T3 suspension system eliminates relaunches when touchdowns are a bit too firm. By Paul Dye.
    • 34 Under New Management: EFII’s all-new electronic engine control system for Lycomings. By Tom Wilson.
    • 41 Pioneer Mechanics in Aviation : A book by Giacinta Bradley Koontz. Reviewed by Bob Hadley.
    • 42 Spars—The Heart of the Wing: Laying out the spar, part 2. By Paul Dye.
    • 48 Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design:Sandwich panels, part 5—a simple, accurate method for molding flanged parts. By Eric Stewart.
    • 66 Completions: Builders share their successes.
    • 72 Ask the DAR : Repairman certificate eligibility, ELSA mods, flying at civil twilight, fuel cap engraving. By Mel Asberry.
    • Shop Talk
      • 53 The Creative Homebuilder: Make your own air-flowspeed control. By KITPLANES® Staff.
      • 54 Plane and Simple: Drilling in tight places. By Jon Croke.
      • 56 Maintenance Matters: Three battery problems lead to accidents. By Dave Prizio.
      • 60 Home Shop Machinist: Spline-al tap. By Bob Hadley.
      • 76 Aero ’Lectrics: Spread those sheets. By Jim Weir.
      • 79 Unairworthy: Throttle interference. By Vic Syracuse.
      • Shop Tip
        • 55 Magnet Clamps: By David Paule.
        • Designer’s Notebook
          • 73 Wind Tunnel: Design process, part 3—how fast? By Barnaby Wainfan.
          • 77 Modifying Tools: By Larry Larson.
        • Exploring
          • 2 Editor’s Log: Perspective. By Paul Dye.
          • 63 Checkpoints: Last action taken. By Vic Syracuse.
          • 78 Rear Cockpit: Layoffs, I’ve had a few. By Tom Wilson.
          • Kit Bits
            • 4 Letters
            • 67 List of Advertisers
            • 68 Builders’ Marketplace
            • 80 Kit Stuff: Drawing on experience. By cartoonist Robrucha.


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