Kitplanes MagazineJune 2017, by Phil Dixon

Kitplanes Magazine
June 2017

by Phil Dixon, Sherwood Harris &
Thomas Horne

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  • Flight Review
    • 6 Cygnet Distinction: Each of its unusual features serves a purpose. By Scott M. Spangler.
  • Builder Spotlight
    • 14 Building the Bearhawk LSA : Welding the fuselage. By Ken Scott.
    • 18 Glastar Amphibian: Adding an O-540. By Cameron Fraser.
    • 22 Project Management for Builders: Sometimes you need tools you won’t find in your toolbox. By Lynne Wainfan, Ph.D.
    • 28 Off to Garmin School: Learning how to install the G3X Touch system. By Katie Bosman Krotje.
    • 36 The Life of a Kit Airplane Factory Pilot: Roger Dubbert has flown over 10,000 demo flights. By LeRoy Cook.
    • 41 Fuel Shutoff Valve: There’s more to an extended-range fuel system than just adding tanks. By Dan Kerr.
    • 44 Error Chain: Prop governor failure. By Myron Nelson.
    • 50 Rapid Prototyping and Experimental Design: Coupon testing, part 3. By Eric Stewart and Brian Paris.
    • 64 Completions: Builders share their successes.
    • 66 Ask the DAR : Should A&Ps also get a repairman certificate, using multiple pilots for Phase 1 testing, putting E/AB wings on a certificated fuselage. By Mel Asberry.
  • Shop Talk
    • 48 Plane and Simple: Making paint stick. By Jon Croke.
    • 54 Maintenance Matters: Replacing fuel and oil lines. By Dave Prizio.
    • 61 Home Shop Machinist: Trail of crumbs. By Bob Hadley.
    • 72 The Creative Homebuilder: Make your own back rivet set. By KITPLANES® staff.
    • 75 Unairworthy: Leaking gascolator. By Vic Syracuse.
    • 76 Aero’Lectrics: Do-it-yourself LED gauges. By Jim Weir.
  • Shop Tip
    • 43 Drilling Straight Holes: By Paul Dye.
    • 63 Nitrile Gloves: By Larry Larson.
  • Designer’s Notebook
    • 73 Wind Tunnel: Gyroplanes. By Barnaby Wainfan.
  • Exploring
    • 2 Editor’s Log: Shop memories. By Paul Dye.
    • 58 Checkpoints: Lowering the risk. By Vic Syracuse.
    • 78 Rear Cockpit: The instructor. By Tom Wilson.
  • Kit Bits
    • 4 Letters
    • 67 List of Advertisers
    • 68 Builders’ Marketplace
    • 80 Kit Stuff: Drawing on experience. By cartoonist Robrucha.


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