Zenith CH750  Jabiru 3300 Engine Installation: a step by step demonstration

Zenith CH750
Jabiru 3300 Engine Installation

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105 min
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This video removes the guesswork from building a reliable installation of a 3300 engine in your Zenith Ch 750 - demonstrated by Mark Townsend at Can-Zac Aviation

For CH750 builders that are considering the use of a Jabiru 3300 aircraft engine. This video was filmed on location at Can-zac Aviation, Ontaio, Canada, under the direction of Mark Townsend, the Canadian Zenith distributor. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate how to install the popular 3300 engine on a Zenith Ch 750 homebuilt kit using the firewall forward components supplied by Jabiru USA. The Jabiru 3300 provides an exciting alternative to other engine possibilities in this aircraft. With this video DVD, you can watch and learn how to install and hookup the components needed for a reliable installation.

Engine crate unpacking and contents: Handling/removing the engine from the crate; explanation of components included in the firewall forward kit.

Engine Mounting techniques Observe and understand special considerations for mounting the engine on the 750 airframe: engine mount to firewall alignment, engine onto the mount itself. Rubber engine mount hardware: male-female part direction is important.

Prop flange removal/installation The prop flange length needed on the CH 750 requires removing/replacing the factory installed prop flange.

Oil Filter/Cooler Installation of the oil cooler and the requisite connections are essential for proper operation. The oil cooler needs to occupy a specific location in the cowl. Plumbing is demonstrated using the popular aero hose and connections.

Muffler The Jabiru supplied muffler provides the necessary heat muffs for both cabin heat and carb heat. Location on the firewall for mounting airbox components is shown.

Cowl The cowl requires some trimming for the variations in aircraft configurations. A cowl fitting is demonstrated.

Air Ducts The key to proper cooling is the installation and customization of the fiberglass air ducts on each bank of cylinders

A snippet of the video:


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