Gray Matters, by Denny Pollard

Gray Matters

by Denny Pollard

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Aviation Mechanics Most Frequently Asked Questions.

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To be completely frank about it, Iím increasingly aware that there are as many gray areas in aviation as there are black-and-white ones. Iím a trained and reasonably experienced A&P mechanic, and Iím supposed to know this airplane stuff, but my experiences are often contradictory to what I know are theoretical facts. Itís frustrating, and sometimes I think I knew more back when I knew less. To keep an aircraft in peak operating condition, aircraft mechanics and service technicians perform scheduled maintenance to make repairs and complete inspections required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Many aircraft mechanics specialize in preventive maintenance. They inspect engines, landing gear, instruments, pressurized sections, valves, pumps, and air-conditioning systems, etc., and do the necessary maintenance and replacement of parts. To examine an engine, aircraft mechanics work through specially designed openings while standing on ladders or scaffolds, or use hoists or lifts to remove the entire engine from the craft. After taking an engine apart, mechanics use precision instruments to measure parts for wear and use x-ray and magnetic inspection equipment to check for invisible cracks. Worn or defective parts are repaired or replaced. They may also repair sheet metal or composite surfaces, measure the tension of control cables, and check for corrosion, distortion, and cracks in the fuselage, wings, and tail. After completing all repairs, mechanics must test the equipment to ensure that it works properly.

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I am an IA Mechanic and have been an A&P Mechanic for 32 years, so I thought this book would be a good review for me. The technical content is rather good and includes numerous references deserving four stars. However, there are numerous grammatical errors indicating a very inadequate job of proofreading. Unfortunately, the errors are so pervasive that I found myself getting distracted and 'shaking my head' in disbelief instead of focusing on the material being presented. Once properly edited this could be a good read for the intended audience.


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