RV-12 Wing Kit
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RV-12 Wing Kit: step-by-step construction demonstration for the RV-12 wings

RV-12 Wing Kit

Run Time:
120 min
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A step-by-step video guide for builders of the Van's Aircraft RV-12 Light Sport Aircraft.

Building an RV-12 has never been easier or faster! The construction manual supplied by Van's Aircraft is indeed complete and accurate, however the ability to watch a detailed demonstration of each step(which is keyed to the construction manual) will result in a faster, more confident build and with fewer mistakes. In the corner of the video screen is a continuous display of the step and page number from the construction manual. As you read Van's written instructions, you can immediately see the results of that step AND suggestions for completing the task. This saves time and frustration in interpreting the written word. It also allows the builder to see ahead in construction, as well as rewind and fast forward - visually.

This single disk DVD is the second in a series of videos being developed to cover the entire build process for the Van's RV-12. It covers the complete WING kit as supplied by Van's Aircraft. The WING kit DVD takes you from the beginning steps of assembling the wing and flaperons of the aircraft - all in the exact sequence as specified by the construction manual.

Note: This production is not associated or endorsed by Van's Aircraft. It does not replace or supersede the documentation provided with the kit. It is meant to be an aid in building the aircraft and its methods are presented only as a suggestion to builders.

A snippet of the video:


Some of the many topics covered are:
Unpacking and taking inventory
Preparing Wing Spars for ribs
installing the ribs to the spar
tapping the wing hold down socket
assembling the flap bracket
preparing to install skins
installing wing skin panels
the front spar
riveting the skins
installing the skin doubler
installing the wing tips
template for the wing strobe opening
installing strobe lights
installing the stall indicator switch
building the flaperon spars and ribs
installing and riveting the flaperon skin


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