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by Sander Vandeth

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The Concise Guide to Safe Flying has been provided specifically for this purpose by its author Sander Vandeth. We hope you find it enjoyable and useful. If so, the complete Pilots Guide to Safe Flying is available in print and eBook formats at a 20% discount with the coupon on the back page.

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  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Have the Right Mental Approach
  • 2.2 Be Able to Make Safe Judgments and Decisions
  • 2.3 Know When Not to Fly
  • 3 Be Thoroughly Prepared
  • 3.1 Have Sufficient Flying Knowledge
  • 3.2 Be Proficient
  • 3.3 Thoroughly Plan a Flight
  • 3.4 Thoroughly Inspect the Airplane
  • 3.5 Be Mentally Prepared
  • 4 Avoid “Cockpit” Errors
  • 4.1 Have a Disciplined Approach to Checks
  • 4.2 Stay Ahead of the Airplane
  • 4.3 Avoid Distractions
  • 4.4 Avoid Communication Breakdown
  • 4.5 Maintain Situational Awareness
  • 5 Avoid or Manage Potential Hazards
  • 5.1 Avoid Fuel Mismanagement
  • 5.2 Avoid or Manage Weather Hazards
  • 5.3 Avoid Carburetor Icing
  • 5.4 Minimize Takeoff and Landing Risks
  • 5.5 Guard Against Illusions
  • 5.6 Minimize the Risk of a Mid-Air Collision
  • 5.7 Avoid Engine Failure
  • 5.8 Avoid Health Risks
  • 5.9 Be Able to Handle Emergency Situations
  • 6 A Final CommenAtir


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