Aircraft Partnership, by Geza Szurovy

Aircraft Partnership

by Geza Szurovy

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Profiles of actual partnerships; financing options and solutions; step by step guidance; sample partnership agreements; day to day aircraft partnership operations.

Own your own plane - without going broke!Here is the only comprehensive guide to owning an airplane in a partnership - the most affordable way to fly your own bird. the author, a veteran pilot and partner himself, shows you exactly how to take each and every step along the way, from making the decision to choosing the right partner(s)...drawing up the partnership agreement...and buying the right plane.

Privately owned airplanes average 50 hours of flight time per year, and their owners howl at the high cost of owning and flying today's light aircraft. Many pilots can't afford to own alone. The option of co-owning a plane enables all co-owners to fly their own airplane for a fraction of the cost of sole ownership. Even pilots who can afford sole ownership of an aircraft can take advantage of the extra purchasing power of a partnership to get the plane they really want.

This must-have guide to the most affordable means of aircraft ownership covers all the bases, with: Real life case-study partnership profiles. Step-by-step walk-through of the preparation of your partnership agreement. Figuring the costs: financing options; insurance. Legal issues. Operations: scheduling, maintenance, record-keeping.

Aircraft Partnership gives the reader a virtual partnership kit - with all the tools and information you need to construct a good, working aircraft partnership. Owning your own plane can be an attainable dream.

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Why an aircraft partnership
Partner compatibility and goals
dollars and sense
Make the numbers work
The co-ownership agreement
Financing the partnership
Partnership insurance
Operations and maintenance
Pros, cons, and creative options
Joining an established partnership
When is a partnership a flying club

financial analysis
sample agreement and administration
financing and insurance
aircraft flight records
preventative maintenance
buying an aircraft

About the Author:
Geza Szurovy (Boston, MA) is an experienced aviation writer who has co-owned several personal airplanes in aircraft partnerships. He is the author of seven McGraw-Hill books, two of which won Aviation/Space Writers' Association Awards of Excellence. Szurovy is a commercial pilot with instrument, multiengine, DC-3, and glider ratings. He has flown and written about a wide variety of aircraft, from Piper Cubs to Learjets.


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