Use and Abuse of Twist Drills: select & maintain drill bits

Use and Abuse
of Twist Drills

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23 min
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Use & Abuse of Twist Drills, by Ray Bell Company, is a historic film produced in the 1960s offering a complete understanding of use, selection, and maintenance of twist drill bits as well as an explanation of lip angles and other critical aspects of drill design.

Each section of the bit is discussed explaining why it is that way, and what types of materials each type of bit is best suited for. Drilling techniques are explained including selecting the best bit and bit angle for the job, determining drill speeds and feed rates, clamping techniques, cooling, drill maintenance, and drill point sharpening.

Although this film was produced in the 1960ís, the techniques and skills shown are as valid now as they are then, making it an indispensable learning tool for anyone needing to understand how to effectively and efficiently work with these precision tools.

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