CAT-A Module 11bPiston Aeroplane Structure and Systems: for CAT-A2 licenses

CAT-A Module 11b
Piston Aeroplane Structure and Systems

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This Cat-A2 level book has been developed by TEC Aviation of Copenhagen Denmark, and is so different in format from other ATB Part 66 modules including a horizontal page format and a different overall look. However, it remains fully compliant with all training needs for the Cat-A2 EASA requirements.


11.1 Theory of Flight
airplane aerodynamics and flight controls.

11.2a Airframe Structures - General
airworthiness requirements and structural strength; structural classification; fail safe and damage tolerance; zonal and station identification; drain and ventilation; system installation; lightning strike provisions; aircraft bonding.

11.2b Airframe Structures - General
construction methods of stressed skin, formers, stringers, longerons, bulkheads, frames, doublers, truts, ties, beams, floor structures, reinforcement, anti-corrosion protection, wing, empennage and engine attachments; assembly techniques; surface protection; surface cleaning; airframe symmetry and alignment.

11.3.1 Fuselage construction and pressurization sealing; wing, tailplane and undercarriage attachments; seat installation; doors and emergency exits; windows and windscreen attachments.

11.3.2 Wing construction, fuel storage; landing gear, pylon, control surface, and high lift/drag attachments.

11.3.3 Stabilizers: construction and control surface attachments.

11.3.4 Flight control surfaces: construction and attachment; balancing, mass and aerodynamic.

11.3.5 Nacelles/pylons: construction, firewalls and engine mounts.

11.4 Air Conditioning and Cabin Pressure; ATA 21
air conditioning; pressurization; heating systems; safety and warning devices.

11.5 Instruments and Avionics Systems; ATA 31
pitot static system, gyroscopic instruments; compasses; angle of attack indication; glass cockpit; avionics systems including autoflight, communications, navigation.

11.6 Electrical Power; ATA 24
Batteries; DC and AC power generation; emergency power generation; voltage regulation; power distribution; inverters, transformers, rectifiers; circuit protection; external ground power.

11.7 Equipment and Furnishings; ATA 25
emergency equipment requirements; cabin layout; cabin entertainment; galley installation; cargo handling; airstairs.

11.8 Fire Protection; ATA 26
fire and smoke detection; fire extinguishing systems; portable fire extinguisher.

11.9 Flight Controls; ATA 27
Primary controls - aileron, elevator, rudder, spoiler; trim control; high lift devices; system operation; gust lock systems; balance and rigging; stall protection.

11.10 Fuel Systems; ATA 28
system layout; fuel tanks; supply systems; cross feed and transfer; indications and warning; refueling and defueling.

11.11 Hydraulic Power; ATA 29
system layout; hydraulic fluids; reservoirs and accumulators; pressure generation; emergency pressure generation; filters; pressure control; power distribution; indication systems.

11.12 Ice and Rain Protection; ATA 30
ice formation, classification and detection; de-icing systems - electrical, hot air, and chemical; probe and drain heating; wiper systems.

11.13 Landing Gear; ATA 32
construction; shock absorbing; extension and retraction systems; indications and warning; wheels, brakes, antiskid, and autobraking; tires; steering; air-ground sensing.

11.14 Lights; ATA 33
external navigation, anti-collision, landing, taxiing, ice; internal cabin, cockpit, cargo; emergency.

11.15 Oxygen; ATA 35
system layout - cockpit and cabin; sources, storage, and distribution; supply regulation; indication and warning.

11.16 Pneumatic/Vacuum; ATA 36
system layout; sources - engine/APU, compressors, reservoirs, ground supply; pressure and vacuum pumps; pressure control; distribution; indications and warning.

11.17 Water/Waste; ATA 38
system layout, supply, distribution, servicing and draining; toilet system layout, flushing and servicing; corrosion aspects.


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